Mobile apps make our lives easier, including our work lives. Several apps have been designed to make work at a construction site smarter, safer and more efficient to help keep projects on budget and schedule. Here are 10 of our favorite apps for construction companies.

ExakTime Time Clock App

We can’t start this list without first mentioning our own app, the ExakTime Time Clock App. While it may seem self-serving, this app really is a time and compliance saver for construction companies. The easy-to-use app, with GPS capabilities, allows you to monitor when and where your crews clock in. Along with security features that ensure only the employee is clocking in (and not a buddy) the app can also be used to attach field notes and photos to job sites, keeping those at the office updated. Time is tracked by the app is automatically synced to payroll for seamless–and accurate–payment processing. Because employees are required to digitally sign-off on their hours, every dollar worked is paid, including overtime, ensuring compliance is always met. The app features:

  • Easy clock-in for individual employees with PIN code
  • Hundreds of work activities/cost codes for tracking
  • On-screen selections offered in three languages
  • GPS location stamp on every time punch
  • FaceFront Biometrics to prevent buddy punching

ExakTime time clock app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Procore Construction Management App

The Procore app puts construction management software in the palm of your hand. The app helps bridge the gap between the office and field. Crews and managers alike have real-time access to documents, project details and schedules to make sure all employees are on the same page. It provides mobile access to Procore’s collaborative, cloud-based construction management platform including drawings, daily logs, punch lists, RFIs, photos, specifications, submittals, timecards, BIM, observations, time and materials tickets and schedules. The best part? Procore integrates with ExakTime’s time tracking software.

The Procore app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Management App

Sage is a leading provider of construction accounting, project management and estimating software. Its app allows your team to create, share and edit daily reports from their mobile devices so entire construction projects can be managed from the field. The app offers access to the best features of Sage 300 including access to financial data, project reporting and field-based project management. Sage is also a partner of our parent company Arcoro. The technology integration allows construction organizations to connect essential employee data between both systems for streamlined data management and compliance.

Sage is available on both iPhone and Android devices.


SmartBitNet is construction bid software that’s customizable with features designed to help general contractors simplify the preconstruction process and streamline communications with subcontractors. The SmartBid Bid Management app allows contractors to monitor subcontractor responses and bids, stay up-to-date with their plan rooms and keep bid project data at their fingertips.

The SmartBid app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Plan Grid

PlanGrid is an easy to use app that allows construction companies to build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to plans, punch lists, documents and daily reports. PlanGrid allows workers to instantly share construction plans, including markups and revisions, which helps reduce the number of repeat trips made to the trailer, minimizes rework and help find answers through instant collaboration.

Plan Grid is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool

The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is an app created as part of OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, which educates employers and workers on the dangers of working in the heat. The app features a real-time heat index and hourly forecasts specific to your location. The app offers recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH on what precautions should be taken while working in hot weather like drinking water and taking rest breaks. It also alerts crews to the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, including heatstroke, heat exhaustion, rhabdomyolysis, heat cramps and heat rash.

The OSHA-NIOSH heat Safety Tool app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator is a free calculator app that helps construction crews easily solve construction-related calculations. It allows workers to perform material estimates with built-in calculators for ordering brick, concrete, tiles, lumber and land area. The app also features a unit converter that can convert values between metric and imperial units for temperature, length, weight, area and volume. The app can also calculate other aspects of your business including profit margin, price markup, discounts and sales tax.

The All-In-One Calculator is available on both iPhone and Android devices.


The GasBuddy app can help construction companies save money every time a company vehicle needs to fill up. The app maps the best gas prices. Users can sort by price, location and even restrooms, essential for crews who live in their trucks. The app promises to save users up to $.25 per gallon of gas. Aside from finding low prices, the app can also track driving habits, log fill-ups and earn rewards through in-app purchases. It is available for download for both iPhone and Android devices.

GasBuddy is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

The DEWALT Mobile Pro app is a fully-functional construction calculator and reference tool. It includes nine free add-on calculations along with access to multiple add-ons. The app can cover conversions, construction math, business and finance, carpentry, wiring, plumbing, masonry, concrete work, site work, HVAC and more. Calculations can be instantly shared through email.

DEWALT Mobile Pro is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Construction Calculator

Construction Calculator is a construction calculator app for Android that helps contractors calculate material needs for building projects. It can calculate the volume, weight and soil load for all types of concrete foundations including plate, strip, block, brick and steel. The app will also calculate lumber, earthwork, pavement, paint, metal, flooring and more.