ExakTime offers function-rich mobile time tracking, rugged onsite time clocks and kiosk solutions that are cost-effective and user-friendly.

Time tracking technology frees you up to better run and grow your construction, contracting or field service business.

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Expertly crafted tools to schedule and track time, easily.

Feature-rich time clock app

ExakTime’s mobile app captures workers’ clock-ins, project codes and clock-outs in the field…plus you can make sure the right employee is at the right job site.

Track your crews + job sites in real time

Stop chasing employees for timecards

When you’ve got workers at multiple job sites, it can be time-consuming to make sure everyone has submitted a paper timecard. You can spend hours driving around and pulling people away from their work. Having them clock in and out with a rugged time clock or on the app is much more efficient.

Avoid manual processing and workarounds

Tired of providing spreadsheets to your accountant? Time tracking software offers reports for your accountant and data integrations to many payroll systems.

Cut down on time required to run payroll, free up staff

Between your office staff doing manual data entry, running complex reports and tracking down unsubmitted timecards, there’s a lot of extra time and energy spent on paying employees.

Minimize data entry

Paper timecards mean doing manual entry, running complex reports and tracking down unsubmitted or incomplete timecards. That’s a lot of extra time and energy spent on paying employees.

Avoid payroll disputes

When employees enter their time each day and approve their timecard in the app, you won’t have to deal with mistakes, errors or omissions.

Perfect for any small and mid-size construction company

Small and mid-size companies save time and resources.

Don’t waste valuable time and effort tracking down timecards and doing manual processing to get payroll done.

Track hours accurately and timely to avoid compliance headaches.

Address the unique challenges of enterprise businesses

Easy integration with your enterprise software stack.

ExakTime has your back

Your success is our success—and we’re here to help get you there. From the moment you begin your implementation program with ExakTime, our top priority is to make sure you have a personalized, excellent customer experience.

Customer Success Team

Our award-winning Customer Success Team guides you through setup, configuration and testing of our time tracking software so you can start saving time and money. With targeted training and a thorough review of your time records through the first pay period with ExakTime, you’ll be an expert in our solution in no time.

“Train the trainer” approach tailored to the unique requirements of your business

Co-authoring of your company’s workforce management goals

Award-winning, responsive service every step of the way

An implementation manager assigned to you and focused on your specific needs

Custom development service available for clients with targeted functionality needs

Quick answers to your questions with Support Central

Support Central is our AI-powered resource hub where customers can get immediate answers to how-to questions 24/7. It’s full of resources including a knowledge center with informational articles and videos. For more complex or urgent issues, live support is available via chat or email with our US-based team. There’s no limit to the amount of support our customers can access.


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