ExakTime Integrates With Quickbooks

Time Tracking Software for QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking options make collecting time records and processing payroll way more efficient. Our time tracking software integrates with QuickBooks directly, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly sync your timesheet data with your payroll package.

This saves you money by eliminating the time wasted and errors made with manual payroll entry.

How our QuickBooks-compatible time clock works

With ExakTime’s QuickBooks compatibility, keeping track of time and attendance data from clock-in to payday is simple.

Your employees simply clock in and out on our mobile time clock app or weatherproof rugged time clocks. Then you can keep track of their hours, activities, and other important field updates with our easy-to-use, feature-rich time tracking software.

All this information is securely stored in the cloud, where it can be access by those with permission anytime and imported directly into QuickBooks with our account-bridging software.

QuickBooks Integration

Our payroll software integrates with QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

Save Time And Money

Sending timesheet records to QuickBooks is as simple as selecting a date range, a group of employees, and hitting the export button.

Detailed Timesheet Reports

ExakTime provides reliable reporting where you can review GPS timestamps, hours worked, job completed, and more.

Never manually enter records again

Our QuickBooks connection is easy to set up and easier to use.

First, just match your QuickBooks employees, service items, customers and jobs to the corresponding fields in ExakTime to transfer the data into our software.

You can also export other important fields, like comments, vendors, classes and pay codes (regular time, overtime, vacation time, holidays, sick days and more). Plus, our cloud-based time tracking software can support multiple QuickBooks company files.

It only takes minutes to import timesheets into QuickBooks

By automating your entire payroll process, ExakTime saves you countless hours on payroll preparation, freeing up time for other important tasks—like estimates, budgeting, and compliance.

Certified Payroll Reporting for QuickBooks

Working on a government contract? Certified payroll can be tricky, but ExakTime’s certified payroll reports make compliance a breeze.

Just mark a job site as a certified payroll location and you’ll be able to easily distinguish between prevailing wage jobs and normal labor rates. You can than smoothly sync the data to your QuickBooks program—no more hassle!

See ExakTime in Action

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