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ExakTime helps thousands of construction and field service companies track labor more effectively every day.

“With ExakTime, we're not putting all our time into checking other people's time. We can focus on the things that matter.”

Sally Hackle, Service Manager
West Coast Operations, Latite Roofing

"I like that it’s easy to change times and know where your employees are punching in at (with gps feature) I can’t easily delete people from the active employees to add new ones ! It’s simple to download the app and enter the device code for my employees cell phones ! "

Emily M., Office Manager

“We use ExakTime to keep up with hours and also we use the tracking for our employees. It has cut down on payroll due to the location being shown. It has also made the payroll process faster for me to complete on paydays.”

Nikki Maddox, Office Manager
East Alabama Restoration

"Payroll time saver! It is extremely easy to set employees and locations up on ExakTime. We obtain very accurate weekly timesheets for all the employees, as we know exactly when they have arrived within the geo fence and logged in/out”.

Mike B.
Tri-Power Systems

“ExakTime saves my foremen valuable time, and we also save on payroll. It's a great workforce management tool.”

Thomas Perno, Owner
Long Island Concrete
Long Island Concrete Logo

“I was expecting to see a small profit improvement on our jobs. ExakTime far exceeded all my expectations.”

Jake Patton, General Manager
Pilot Painting
Pilot Painting Logo

“When you use ExakTime there’s a time stamp and picture. With paper time cards, it’s just your word against the employee’s.”

Lindsey Talmadge, HR and Payroll Administrator


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"We save $50,000 a year, maybe more."

Cooper Drywall
cooper drywall
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