ExakTime mobile comes with FaceFront Biometrics™, our built-in biometric time attendance feature.

Know exactly who’s clocking in

If you’ve ever had a problem with employees tracking time when they’re not actually working — or clocking in with each others’ timecards or PINs — you already know the benefits of biometric time tracking.

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ExakTime’s mobile app snaps a photograph of the employee every time they clock in or out. The image is stored in our cloud software for quick, anytime review at the office.

A biometric solution…just for construction and contracting

Traditional biometrics are widely used for different types of tracking at work. But the realities of construction worksites—including grimy hands, wet weather, or no electricity — can undermine traditional biometrics devices. And, because of its sensitive nature, employers are finding themselves facing lawsuits because of the way they collect and store biometric data.

ExakTime’s photo ID verification confirms attendance without the difficulty or controversy of collecting fingerprints or other biometric data. This makes it an ideal fit for construction and job sites where other biometric platforms aren’t practical or preferred.

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FaceFront Is Compatible with Android or iOS

FaceFront Biometrics works on all tablets and smartphones with front-facing cameras running iOS 4.0 or later and Android OS 4 or later.

“We can see where we're at within our budgets with ExakTime's reports. ”

Sally Hackle, Service Manager
West Coast Operations, Latite Roofing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having employees provide a fingerprint isn’t always feasible on a dirty job site. Plus, fingerprinting can be a controversial type of biometric data. Photos are accurate and much easier to collect.

The images are stored automatically with that worker’s clock-in and clock-out.

No. Facial recognition is a biometric system that uses artificial intelligence to match an employee’s face with a photo. With ExakTime, the employee snaps a photo each time they log in or out. This image is stored with their time record and can be reviewed by a supervisor or office staff to make sure the right person logged in for the job.

Tired of paying employees for time they haven’t actually worked? Request more information about our biometric time tracking system.

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