Save time and money with integrated reporting tools.

ExakTime’s software allows users to pull more than 40 instant reports that let business owners zero in on key metrics and use data to make decisions critical to the well-being of their businesses.

Reports can be created from data collected by the time clock app or rugged time clocks based on hours worked, regular or overtime hours, location, start and stop times and more. ExakTime’s powerful construction reports provide you with real-time visibility and actionable insights needed to push your business forward.

Cost code tracking

ExakTime’s time clock app and rugged time clocks lets business owners see where workers are logging their time, giving them a glimpse inside their business operations.

Cost Code

Take the Guesswork Out of Cost Code Tracking

After app users enter their unique four-digit PIN, they select a cost code before they hit ‘Go’ to track their activity along with hours. When workers switch jobs or sites, they can easily clock out and clock back in under a different cost code. Data logged by ExakTime’s time clock app is automatically synced through the day.

Rugged clock users track codes using one of our different colored keytabs that can be linked to your specific cost codes.

ExakTime’s solutions can help you understand where you’re spending your time and money, as well as identifying any weaknesses in your processes.

“ExakTime exceeded all our time tracking expectations.”

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Overtime and certified payroll reports

Time tracking provides the data, but reports are what help you analyze how your crews are working.

Accurate payroll records at your fingertips

Reporting requirements are part of maintaining compliance.

Overtime reporting gives you a record of the amount of overtime you’ve paid to workers in the event of an audit. When the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor comes calling, you’ll be ready.

Certified payroll reports are a must for federal contractors.

Every contractor and subcontractor working on government-funded projects must submit certified payroll to show they’ve paid their workers in accordance with the Davis Beacon Act.

ExakTime’s overtime and certified payroll reporting capabilities give your company an edge when it comes to meeting the requirements of state and federal worker guidelines.


Get actionable insights from time card tracking reports

Here are some of the reports our customers use the most.

Employee Executive Summary

Easily view hours worked by employee or view crew totals for each day of the week, providing a high-level, digestible overview to stay up-to-speed on all job sites.

Employee Time Card

Closely monitor workers’ Regular and OT hours for each site, reducing unexpected labor costs.

Employee Touch Detail

Quickly view details of an employee’s start and stop times as well as the type of work completed. Track tasks each employee devoted their hours to throughout the week—keeping your management proactive and your company productive.

Location by Employee

Get a fast download of the total hours worked at specific locations, broken out by employee—simplifying workforce management.

Employees by Location

Zero in on where each employee spent their working hours with a breakdown of how much time crew members spent at each job site.

Dig deeper into the product:​

Employee Executive Summary

Employee Time Card

Employee Touch Detail

Location by Employee

Find out how having data at your fingertips can make managing your business easier.

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