ExakTime and busybusy Offer Similar Features


A time clock app is only as good as its features. ExakTime and busybusy offer similar features that make tracking the time employees work both easy and accurate. Some companies may be tempted to with the busybusy “free forever” version. However, key  money- and time-saving features are not included in the busybusy free version.

Mobile Time Tracking: Standard with busybusy and ExakTime

Mobile time tracking allows workers to clock in and out from a mobile device, eliminating the need for punch clocks or paper time cards.

A mobile time tracking allows employees to clock in and out on the go, whether that means they’re just starting their day, heading off to lunch or finishing up. Mobile time tracking is far more accurate than tracking time by hand. An app never fudges numbers or forgets actual clock in and clock out times.

If there is at least one mobile device onsite, both ExakTime and busybusy allow workers to clock in from a desktop or kiosk. But supervisor and kiosk clock-in are only available with the busybusy Pro package, not the free version.

Rugged Time Clock Hardware: ExakTime option only

A mobile time clock app may not meet all the time tracking needs of every company. There are many reasons why you may want to have a physical job clock on-site.  ExakTime offers rugged time clocks that provide the accuracy and reliability of an app. When your team uses these clocks in addition to the ExakTime mobile app, you get the same benefit of being able to access clock in and clock out data from the cloud in real time. ExakTime’s mobile app and rugged time clocks work together so you can collect time card data from every worker on every job site.

Biometric ID: busybusy kiosk mode only

Biometric time clocks, which use a physical feature to identify employees, are quickly becoming the standard for efficient and accurate employee time tracking. They cut back on buddy punching, improve data accuracy and save money.

Both ExakTime and busybusy offer a version of facial recognition but busybusy only offers it in kiosk mode. ExakTime’s mobile app includes FaceFront Biometrics™, so employees are accurately identified no matter if they clock in on their phones or at the jobsite.

GPS: ExakTime and busybusy Pro

A mobile time clock with GPS location tracking uses a mobile phone’s native functionality to track employees. Basic GPS tracking software on time clock apps simply lets the employers know the general area employees are in when they clock in or out.

Setting up a geofence gives employers a better ability to track when and where their employees are working. A geofence sets up a virtual “barrier” that can enforce certain restrictions or create certain opportunities.

An employer might want to put a geofence around a worksite so they can track if employees clock in inside the fence, not from their vehicles or a coffee shop across the street. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site.

GPS location tracking can create ‘bread-crumbs’ that track worker movements throughout their shift. The tracking stops the moment the worker clocks out.

GPS  geofencing and GPS breadcrumbing are available with ExakTime and busybusy’s paid version.

Reporting: Offered by both solutions

Both ExakTime and busybusy time tracking solutions allow you to pull reports to track productivity.

ExakTime’s software allows administrators to create more than 40 reports which can all be filtered and customized to suit your business needs. Employers can pull reports based on employee, location or overtime.

Most of busybusy’s reporting features are only available on its Pro version.

ExakTime Offers Value

Busybusy offers two packages, free and Pro. Busybusy Pro’s current per-user fee is higher than ExakTime’s per-user fee.

With ExakTime you get a dedicated account manager in addition to award-winning customer support. Our experts ensure you get a fast start with your time tracking system so you can quickly get a return on your investment. And they’re there for you if you have questions down the road.