It’s not always easy or convenient to figure out how the new year will impact your business. Figuring out what challenges your contemporaries are also facing can give you some insight. Every year, the Associated General Contractors of America surveys more than 1,000 construction firms across the United States for its Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Report. The 2023 report was released in early January. It found that contractors are optimistic about the construction outlook for 2023 with increased demand but 2022’s challenges remain, including supply chain problems and labor shortages. It also found that contractors plan on increasing IT spending in 2023. And 42% said they plan on investing in time tracking specifically. We think ExakTime should be the time tracking solution contractors invest in in 2023. 


Why ExakTime? 

ExakTime was built for construction. ExakTime pioneered in-the-field time tracking, and we still lead the pack. ExakTime was built with field-worthy features that are simple and intuitive. Once such feature, the green (clock-in) and red (clock-out) layout, works so well that others have copied our innovation. ExakTime backs up our software with best-in-class customer support. And the software is so easy to use, you won’t have to waste weeks learning a new system.  

How ExakTime Works 

ExakTime’s digital time tracking uses either an app, kiosk or rugged time clock to track worker hours. Workers clock in and out with their unique, 4-digit PIN number and tap the green ‘Go’ button to clock in or the red ‘Stop’ button to clock out, to start and end their shift and also for meals and breaks. Clock-in and -out data, including where your workers are located, is synced so team management can occur from anywhere.  

ExakTime’s Mobile App 

The app, easily downloadable to a mobile device, has a multitude of other features. 

  • GPS Tracking: ExakTime’s mobile GPS feature utilizes 30 global position satellites to provide the exact locations of employees when they clock in or out. GPS capabilities help curb time theft because managers can determine if an employee was onsite or not when he or she clocked in. Our GeoTrakker feature also lets you track workers as they travel, so you know where they are as long as they’re on the clock. 
  • Geofencing: ExakTime’s geofencing capabilities allows GPS tracking to be even more efficient. A geofence, or virtual barrier, works similar to a regular fence by marking off areas like a worksite. Employees must clock in inside the fence, not from their vehicles or a coffee shop across the street. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site. 
  • FaceFront Photo ID Verification: ExakTime’s FaceFront Photo ID Verification is a safeguard against time theft or buddy punching. FaceFront uses a mobile device’s front-facing lens to snap photos of workers as they clock in and out. Simply match these with employee master photos stored in your office computer and having a buddy punch another employee in or out is virtually eliminated. And, unlike biometric fingerprint clocks, FaceFront won’t fail due to dirty hands or pose a potential data security risk to your employees.  
  • Mobile Compliance: Tracking compliance with our mobile app is easy and reliable. You’ll have instant access to a digital “paper trail”, as well as a history of every punch-out that includes employee responses to compliance-related questions every single time they finish a shift. Workers can review digital time cards and approve them with a signature. You can also prompt employees to sign off on compliance-related questions regarding breaks and injuries at clock-out. This information protects your business with audits, lawsuits and fines because you’ll have digital proof of checking all compliance boxes. 

There are also optional features like field notes and scheduling. 

ExakTime’s kiosk mode works the same way as the mobile app, just from one, centrally located device. The app can be controlled by a single user, like a manager or site supervisor. 

Rugged Time Clocks 

A rugged time clock is a great solution for companies that don’t want to require that employees use their own devices. ExakTime’s JobClock Hornet is a piece of equipment used on the jobsite that employees physically clock in and out on. It gives all your employees a fast, secure way to clock in and out, no matter where they’re located.  

For example, ExakTime’s rugged time clocks, like the JobClock Hornet, are: 

  • Portable: Rugged time clocks, like ExakTime’s, are small, easy to move and can be mounted anywhere on site. 
  • Weatherproof: Our portable time clocks for construction are designed for harsh environments like extreme cold, heat, rain and snow. These clocks can also operate in temperatures from – 10˚F to 170˚F. 
  • Battery-powered: No AC power source is necessary to run ExakTime’s portable time clock and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last up to 21 days. Our JobClock Hornet can be charged from a car charger so you can recharge on the go. 
  • Flexible: Working with your accounting system, our JobClock Hornet accurately and securely tracks worker time, uploading the information to your payroll system. And if you’re outside cellular range, the job clock stores your employees’ login information until you can upload it. 

Get Started with ExakTime 

No matter if you’re still using paper timecards or another web-based time tracking solution, getting started with ExakTime is simple…and quick. Most companies take just a single payroll cycle to make the change, and our implementation experts are here to help. Learn more about the time tracking solution that has been meeting the needs of construction and contracting companies for over 20 years. 

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