HR Tech is valued for its ability to streamline workforce management operations, making HR teams more accurate and efficient. And while individual HR systems are heads above manual processes, they’re even better when they integrate. 


Your company’s data is one of your most valuable assets. It should be secure and easy to access. Integrated software means important data is shared between two separate systems. Without integration, a user would have to manually transfer data from one system to another. For example, without integrations some time tracking software users would have to export the employee hours logged each week and then transfer that data to their payroll or workforce management systems. This leaves companies open to both errors and security risks. But not with ExakTime.  

ExakTime Seamlessly Integrates with Key Construction Software Providers 

ExakTime was built specifically for the construction industry and integrates with the software contractors use most. ExakTime works with more than 100 other payroll and ERP systems as well as key construction partners like Sage, Viewpoint, Foundation and many more.  

As digital time tracking is an essential tool used to calculate payroll, ExakTime’s time clock app integrates with more than 40 solutions to help contractors easily, quickly and accurately complete payroll. Our AccountLinx software allows ExakTime users to import and export payroll data to and from their payroll systems. Integrating your time tracking with your payroll solution can significantly streamline the entire payroll process. Instead of manually entering time data, the data is automatically transferred from your time tracking system to your payroll program. This not only saves your staff a significant amount of time but greatly reduces errors.  

Integrated systems can also ensure that the right amount of overtime, sick time and vacation time is being calculated for each employee. When employees are paid correctly, they’re happier and more productive. 

ExakTime’s integrations include more than just payroll systems. ExakTime also integrates with Procore. 

ExakTime Integrates with Procore 

Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, is one of ExakTime’s WFM (workforce management) integrations. Procore’s platform connects every project stakeholder to solutions, from the owners and general contractor to specialty contractors, making it easier to manage construction outcomes. Procore simplifies work from bidding on projects to seeing them completed and sending out invoices – all of which depends on accurate employee data, like labor costs. That’s where ExakTime’s data is invaluable. 

ExakTime tracks labor costs like worker hours, job codes and overtime, giving contractors insight for accurate project bids. The integration shares data like employee information, payroll data, job cost, union information and supplemental information like equipment and expenses. It provides contractors using both ExakTime and Procore with accurate labor cost data because if you can’t leverage data across multiple applications, you get mistakes, re-entry or rework.  

ExakTime and Procore integrate seamlessly, providing several advantages: 

  • A single source for the time and attendance data needed for accurate job costing. 
  • Fewer data entry points, which reduces errors and saves time. 
  • Enhanced accuracy that provides better compliance for data-driven requirements like certified jobs/projects. 
  • Data that’s secure and protected. 

And only minimal set-up is required. ExakTime’s integration protocols are established, tested and turnkey. 

These advantages also apply to ExakTime’s other integrations. 

Want to learn more about how ExakTime’s integration with Procore can make your project and job data more accurate and streamline your operations? 

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