Accurately tracking time and attendance is a critical task for companies in construction, field service and other project-based industries. Manual processes using paper time cards can be tedious and prone to errors. To save time and improve accuracy, many companies are adopting automated time-tracking solutions.

Two popular options are ExakTime and Raken. But which is the better choice for construction management and field service organizations?

Introduction to Time Tracking Software

Time-tracking software stands as a pivotal asset in the contemporary workplace, revolutionizing the way employees log their work hours and tasks.

This innovation primarily relies on the convenience of mobile apps, readily accessible on employees’ smartphones or company-provided devices. The captured data flows seamlessly to a central dashboard, granting managers an uncluttered view of workforce performance, enabling accurate daily reporting and facilitating swift integration with payroll systems.

The implementation of time-tracking software yields a multitude of benefits across diverse industries. First, it eliminates the archaic process of maintaining paper time cards, significantly minimizing errors while expediting administrative tasks. The precision and reliability in tracking work hours are substantially heightened, as automation leaves no room for inaccuracies.

Additionally, the software goes beyond mere hour tracking. It grants employers invaluable insights into employee locations and the daily tasks they are engaged in. Seamless integration with payroll systems ensures the swift and error-free calculation of wages, alleviating a substantial burden from HR departments.

The gathered data can be harnessed for project cost management, enabling better resource allocation and informed decision-making. Moreover, it aids organizations in staying compliant with labor regulations, guaranteeing that employees are compensated fairly for their efforts.

For industries that operate on a project-based model, such as construction management and field services, the advantages of time-tracking software are even more profound. It optimizes resource allocation, enhances production tracking and ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

The Importance of Time Tracking for Construction

Construction management companies and field service teams face distinctive challenges when it comes to tracking time. For both small businesses and large firms, construction projects typically span across multiple sites, with employees constantly on the move. This dynamic environment demands tight oversight to control costs and ensure efficiency. In response to these unique demands, an effective time-tracking solution for these industries is crucial.

Such a solution should be characterized by its ability to effortlessly capture time data across various construction projects and work orders. It should enable employees to track their time on multiple jobs or tasks within a single day, reflecting the realities of these industries where multitasking is common.

Furthermore, incorporating GPS coordinates and geofencing features helps validate the precise locations where work is performed. Photo verification features offer an additional layer of security, confirming employee identities.

Real-time visibility is vital in these fast-paced sectors, making it essential for the solution to provide up-to-the-minute insights into who is currently clocked in at which location. Additionally, the seamless transfer of data to payroll systems streamlines the administrative process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Paper time cards and generic spreadsheets often fall short of meeting the specific needs of construction management and field service industries. These methods are prone to errors and do not capture the nuanced details of work that occurs on various projects across multiple sites.

Incorporating a tailored time tracking software solution into these industries delivers substantial time savings and provides the oversight required to manage projects effectively. Accurate daily reports, down to the specific project and activity level, empower small businesses and large firms alike to make more informed decisions about future cost estimates and resource allocation. It’s a powerful tool for ensuring that these industries remain efficient, cost-effective and competitive in a demanding market.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime stands as a premier time-tracking solution tailor-made to meet the unique demands of the construction industry. This specialized software streamlines the process of clocking in and out for field employees, offering an automated and user-friendly experience that extends across various devices.

One of ExakTime’s standout features is its mobile time tracking app. This app provides an intuitive interface for employees, enabling them to seamlessly log their work hours, break times and other relevant data with a simple tap. All time cards are digitally maintained, enhancing oversight and minimizing the risk of errors.

To bolster security and prevent time fraud, ExakTime employs a Photo ID Verification feature known as FaceFront. This technology captures selfies at clock in  times, verifying the employee’s identity and guarding against unauthorized time entries.

For real-time insights into the workforce, project hours and overtime, ExakTime offers powerful daily reporting capabilities. These reports can be easily exported to various payroll and accounting platforms, making the payroll process more efficient.

Furthermore, the software harnesses GPS and geofencing features to enhance location validation. GPS coordinates verify employee whereabouts, while custom geofences ensure that employees only clock in when they are at approved work sites.

ExakTime’s focus on the construction industry is evident in every aspect, from the mobile app’s user interface to advanced features, all thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to the unique requirements of construction. ExakTime also seamlessly integrates with major payroll systems like Quickbooks, ADP and others, simplifying the transfer of accurate hours and data.

In addition to its robust features, ExakTime offers comprehensive support, including access to US-based customer support, onboarding assistance and regular training to ensure large and small businesses can maximize the potential of this powerful time-tracking solution.

Raken Review

Raken is a highly-regarded mobile time-tracking application and software solution. It can deliver versatility for field employees, simplifying the process of recording hours and tracking daily tasks.

Raken’s web dashboard provides comprehensive daily reports on employee hours and locations, integrating seamlessly with QuickBooks for streamlined financial management. The application also incorporates mobile notifications to help field employees stay on track and receive reminders for clocking in and out.

Key Differences

As we delve into the comparisons between ExakTime and Raken, it becomes evident that these two time-tracking solutions have distinct characteristics catering to different needs.

Industry Focus

Raken, a versatile time-tracking software, extends its services across various industries. In contrast, ExakTime stands as a purpose-built solution meticulously designed to meet the specific demands of construction management and field service teams. From tracking tasks and locations to implementing photo ID validation to daily reporting, ExakTime offers the kind of oversight crucial for construction managers. Its advanced features, such as custom geofences, ensure that employees can only clock in from pre-approved sites, enhancing security and accuracy.

Advanced Features

ExakTime goes a step further, delivering more robust capabilities that are finely tuned for field teams engaged in complex projects. One of its standout features, FaceFront photo ID , provides an entirely new level of precision and fraud prevention. With the ability to track GPS breadcrumbs, construction managers can even replay an employee’s movements on a map during their shift. Detailed cost coding and equipment tracking supply construction firms with vital data for informed decision-making.

Customer Support

Both solutions offer essential phone and email support, yet ExakTime distinguishes itself through its unwavering focus on construction-specific support. Their award-winning customer success team takes a hands-on approach, guiding users through setup and configuration.

Moreover, ExakTime provides tailored training for administrators and employees, offering “train the trainer” programs to ensure that users can make the most of the platform. This industry-focused support can make a substantial difference for construction managers, facilitating smoother adoption and maximizing utilization.


While both platforms integrate with QuickBooks, ExakTime shines with a significantly broader array of seamless integrations with leading construction software solutions. This level of integration allows ExakTime to sync rich data across platforms related to project management, HR, compliance and more.

Furthermore, the platform’s integrations streamline processes, enhance data flow and enable construction companies to operate with greater efficiency and precision.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution

In the quest for the ideal time-tracking system, construction companies should take into account several critical factors.

First and foremost, a solution that’s been purpose-built for the intricate requirements of construction projects is indispensable. Features like location tracking and equipment tracking are paramount in ensuring seamless project management and production tracking.

Ease of use is another essential consideration, as the system should be straightforward for both construction managers, enabling them to generate reports effortlessly, and employees, making clocking in and out a breeze, regardless of the device used.

Robust daily reporting capabilities are crucial, providing valuable insights into employee time, project costs, overtime and compliance with prevailing wage regulations. Additionally, features like photo verification, geofencing and GPS tracking bolster security and compliance efforts.

Seamless integration with major payroll systems, access to an industry-focused support team, data security, real-time visibility and the flexibility to configure the solution to align with specific workflow needs should also be high on the checklist when selecting a time-tracking system for the construction industry.

Why ExakTime?

ExakTime stands out as the superior choice for meeting the intricate demands of construction and field service organizations, whether they are small businesses or large firms.

With an intuitive mobile interface and advanced oversight features finely tuned for the construction industry, ExakTime offers a winning solution. Managers benefit from unparalleled visibility into crew location and activities, while field employees appreciate the simplicity of the app.

The software seamlessly integrates with leading construction and payroll platforms, ensuring the smooth and accurate flow of data.

Moreover, ExakTime’s US-based customer support specialists are readily available to optimize the solution for the unique needs of the construction industry.

By adopting ExakTime, companies bid farewell to the hassles of manual time tracking and welcome the insightful data necessary for streamlined payroll processes and informed project cost decisions. Learn more and view a demo at

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does ExakTime serve?

ExakTime is designed specifically to meet the needs of construction, electrical, plumbing and other field service companies.

Does ExakTime offer GPS tracking?

ExakTime has robust GPS tracking capabilities built into its mobile time tracking application. When employees clock in or out, the app captures their precise GPS coordinates using the device’s location services. This GPS data verifies exactly where field employees are when starting and ending their shifts.

What happens if there is no cell service at my construction site?

ExakTime’s mobile app is designed for the inconsistent cell and data connectivity common on construction sites and field locations. If an employee attempts to clock in or out somewhere with a poor signal, the app will smoothly store the time data locally on the device itself. The punch information is held securely until the device regains a cell or Wi-Fi connection.

Does ExakTime integrate with payroll software?

Yes, ExakTime offers real-time integrations with many  payroll systems including QuickBooks, ADP, Sage and more.