Today’s construction companies rely on digital time tracking to track worker hours. In fact, just over 40% of contractors use cloud-based technology for time tracking. It makes sense considering digital time tracking is far superior to tracking time on paper time cards. Digital time tracking is accurate and efficient and it protects your company from time theft. But not every digital time tracking software is created equal, and many aren’t even built for construction. 

ExakTime pioneered in-the-field time tracking, and we still lead the pack. Every month we implement many customers on ExakTime that tried and were ultimately disappointed by another solution.  


Here are just three of the reasons construction companies and contractors trade up to ExakTime:  

  1. ExakTime was designed for construction, so it works like a dream in the field and in the office.  
  2. Our US-based customer support team is responsive, prompt and knowledgeable.  
  3. The intuitive back-end is easy for office staff and owners to learn and navigate.  

ExakTime is Designed for Construction 

A construction-first approach means ease of use and field-worthy features because when you’re out on the job site you don’t have the time to mess around with apps that aren’t easy to use. That’s why we designed ExakTime to be simple and intuitive. It works so well that others copy our innovations. Case in point: The green (clock-in) and red (clock-out) layout that we originated is now industry standard. 

But there’s more to ExakTime than our clock-in/clock-out interface. Behind the scenes are rich construction-specific features like FaceFront for photo ID capture and GPS tracking and Geofencing, which help eliminate time theft and buddy punching which ensure your employees are actually where they are when they say they are. You can even schedule worker shifts, input field notes and track equipment through the app.  

And if a mobile app doesn’t work for certain job sites or employees ExakTime has options. We offer rugged time clocks and kiosk functionality. Or the crew lead or supervisor can simply sign people or crews in and out on the app. 

ExakTime is strongly embedded in the construction landscape. We are constantly talking to our customers about what they need and want so we can enhance our product. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry with active relationships with numerous construction associations. And no one has a stronger partner ecosystem to ensure our customers get the advantages of solid, proven integrations that make their lives easier.  

ExakTime Offers Best-In-Class Customer Support 

Even when a solution is easy and intuitive, customers can still have questions.  

ExakTime’s approach to customer support is multi-tiered. It starts with  Support Central, our online self-service help center that offers information on everything from getting started with ExakTime to running reports. If a customer can’t find what they need or they want more assistance we offer an award-winning support team.  Customers can chat with a support person, submit a support request and even get help through remote log-in.  Our knowledgeable problem-solvers are based in the US, so they’re available to help when you need them. 

ExakTime is Easy to Use 

Sure, it’s easy for employees to accurately enter their time in ExakTime. But what about the supervisors and crew leaders who review and approve time? Or the office staff that need to run payroll each week?  

You don’t need to be a techie to run the business end of ExakTime. With ExakTime you get an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard that helps you manage your business.  

Easily export hours for payroll or take advantage of our integrations with the most popular construction payroll solutions. Plus, there are over 40 built-in reports that will help you better understand your labor spend. 

Don’t waste weeks learning a new system. ExakTime customers tell us it’s easy to get started and they can effectively use the system in about a day. And if you’re coming from another web-based solution you’ll get ramped up faster and appreciate how much easier ExakTime is.  

The ExakTime Difference

The ExakTime system lets you track your crews and job sites in real-time, ensuring your team is on schedule and giving you the information you need to ensure you stay on track. Our intuitive system and outstanding customer service deliver value to your business.

Here are some key advantages of our system:

  • Save Time and Money: With ExakTime, you no longer need to track down employees for timecards. When you have employees spread out across job sites, ensuring everyone has submitted their paper timecards is difficult. Having employees clock in and out with a rugged time clock or on our app is much more efficient. Plus, our time-tracking software eliminates the need for extra manual processing and spreadsheets. With this work cut out, you can reduce the time spent running payroll and free up your staff.
  • Increase Accuracy: Because paper timecards require manual entry, a significant amount of data entry is required between running reports and tracking down missing timecards. With our system, you eliminate this tedious work. Plus, you can avoid payroll disputes since employees enter their time each day and approve their timecards in the app. You’ll no longer be stuck dealing with mistakes, errors, or omissions.
  • Scalability: The ExakTime system is perfect for small and mid-sized construction companies looking to save time and resources. Using our system, your team can track hours accurately and timely to avoid compliance headaches. Plus, we allow for easy integration with your enterprise software stack.

Why ExakTime?

If you’re currently using another web-based time tracking solution, trading up to ExakTime is simple…and it’s quick. In fact, most companies take just a single payroll cycle—one week—to make the change, and our implementation experts are here to help.  

Don’t struggle through one more payroll with a solution that wasn’t designed for construction, doesn’t offer you support when you need it and it’s easy to use. Trade up to ExakTime. 

Want to learn more about the time tracking solution that has been meeting the needs of construction and contracting companies for over 20 years? 

Schedule a demo and start tracking time better today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a time-tracking software designed for construction?

If you’re in the construction industry, having time-tracking software designed for your business is invaluable. At ExakTime, we understand the unique challenges construction companies face with time tracking, and we are constantly taking feedback from clients to improve and enhance our system.

Is ExakTime easy to integrate?

Yes! Our award-winning customer success team will guide you through the setup, configuration, and testing of our time-tracking software so you can start saving time and money. Our targeted training and thorough review process of your time records through the first pay period ensures you become an expert in our solution.

Why use time-tracking software instead of manual timecards?

There are many reasons why you should use time-tracking software instead of manual timecards. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Accuracy: Time-tracking software is more accurate than manual timecards because it eliminates human error. There is no need to worry about employees forgetting to record their hours or making mistakes when entering them into a spreadsheet.
  • Efficiency: Time-tracking software can save you a lot of time. There is no need to manually collect timecards, enter data into spreadsheets, or generate reports. Time-tracking software can do all of this automatically.
  • Flexibility: Time-tracking software is more flexible than manual timecards. You can track time for different projects, tasks, and clients. You can also track time by location, device, or even app.
  • Visibility: Time-tracking software gives you real-time visibility into your employees’ time. This information can be used to improve productivity, identify areas where time is being wasted, and make better business decisions.
  • Security: Time-tracking software is more secure than manual timecards. Your data is protected by encryption, and access is restricted to authorized users.
  • Compliance: Time-tracking software can help you comply with labor laws. It can track hours worked, overtime, and breaks. This information can be used to generate accurate payroll reports and avoid costly fines.


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