Time tracking is a required part of managing staff that’s paid by the hour. The Department of Labor (DOL) enforces the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping and youth enforcement standards. Time tracking is how employers prove they’ve accurately paid their nonexempt employees. And many contractors have adopted digital time tracking solutions—about 40% according to AGC and Sage’s 2022 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook. But not all time tracking solutions are built the same and many aren’t built specifically for construction. 


ExakTime Pioneered Time Tracking for Construction 

ExakTime was developed more than 20 years ago out of sheer frustration caused by inaccurate time cards and missing employees. It started as a digital solution and evolved into the cloud-based technology it is today that integrates both into our mobile time tracking app and rugged time clocks. There may be other solutions that claim to work as well as ExakTime but they can’t match everything ExakTime offers. 

Construction companies choose ExakTime because: 

  • ExakTime was designed for construction so it works like a dream in the field and in the office.  
  • Our US-based customer support team is responsive, prompt and knowledgeable.  
  • The intuitive back-end is easy for office staff and owners to learn and navigate.  

If you’re using another time tracking solution, it’s time to switch to ExakTime. 

Top 3 Reasons To Switch To The Original Time Clock Solution For Construction 

ExakTime is easy to use and has field-worthy features. 

Ease of use is key when delivering an app that works on the job site. That’s why we designed ExakTime to be simple and intuitive. . It works so well that others copy our innovations. Case in point: The green (clock-in) and red (clock-out) layout we originated is now the industry standard.   

But ExakTime offers more than a great clock-in/clock-out feature. 

Behind the scenes are rich construction-specific features like FaceFront for photo ID capture, GPS tracking and Geofencing. FaceFront eliminates time theft by requiring workers to take a photo of themselves when they clock in and clock out. And, unlike other biometric features, it doesn’t require hands, which can get dirty on a job site, messing with a fingerprint scan. GPS and geofencing features add another level of security by tracking where employees are located when they clock-in or out.  

ExakTime even offers options to schedule worker shifts, input field notes and track equipment through the app. Plus, ExakTime offers rugged time clocks and kiosk functionality for construction companies that don’t want workers to use their mobile devices. Ora crew leader or supervisor can simply sign people or crews in and out on the app.  

Another way ExakTime is embedded in the construction industry is our partnerships. ExakTime has active relationships with numerous construction associations and con tech leaders to provide a complete construction solution informed by the needs of the industry. Our strong partner ecosystem ensures our customers get the advantages of solid, proven integrations that make their lives easier.   

ExakTime has timely, responsive customer support. 

Customers can still have questions, even with the easiest solutions. ExakTime offers an award-winning support team. Based in the US, knowledgeable problem-solvers are available to help when you need them.  

ExakTime’s approach to customer support is multi-tiered. It starts with Support Central, our online self-service help center that offers information on everything from getting started with ExakTime to running reports. And, if a customer can’t find what they need or they want more assistance they can chat with a support person, submit a support request and even get help through remote log-in.   

ExakTime’s business end is just as easy to operate. 

Not only is it easy for employees to accurately enter their time in ExakTime, but it’s just as easy for supervisors and crew leaders to review and approve time and for office staff to run payroll. ExakTime’s easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard lets managers quickly export hours for payroll or take advantage of integrations with the most popular construction payroll solutions. There are more than 40 built-in reports that will help you better understand your labor spend. 

Switching to ExakTime is easy 

If you’re currently using another web-based time tracking solution, trading up to ExakTime is simple…and quick. Most companies take just a single payroll cycle—one week—to make the change, and our implementation experts are here to help.  

Don’t struggle through one more payroll with a solution that wasn’t designed for construction, doesn’t offer you support when you need it and it’s easy to use. Trade up to ExakTime. Learn more about the time tracking solution that has been meeting the needs of construction and contracting companies for over 20 years. 

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