Arcoro was born on the jobsite.


In 1999 a construction business owner was frustrated by inaccurate timecards and missing employees. He created his own digital time tracking system and ExakTime was born. The idea caught on and grew as other construction companies saw how better time tracking helped their bottom line. Since then, ExakTime has evolved into a cloud-based solution integrated with our mobile time clock app and rugged time clocks.

ExakTime helps thousands of construction and contracting companies track labor more effectively every day. Here’s what they have to say.

“With ExakTime, we're not putting all our time into checking other people's time. We can focus on the things that matter.”

Sally Hackle, Service Manager
West Coast Operations, Latite Roofing

“ExakTime saves my foremen valuable time, and we also save on payroll. It's a great workforce management tool.”

Thomas Perno, Owner
Long Island Concrete

“I was expecting to see a small profit improvement on our jobs. ExakTime far exceeded all my expectations.”

Jake Patton, General Manager
Pilot Painting

“When you use ExakTime there’s a time stamp and picture. With paper time cards, it’s just your word against the employee’s.”

Lindsey Talmadge, HR and Payroll Administrator




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End-to-end construction HR with Arcoro

ExakTime is a product of Arcoro, a provider of end-to-end HR and people management solutions, creating an easier way to hire, manage and grow their workforces. Arcoro is the leading construction HR software provider delivering the best employee experience in the field and the office to construction and field services companies in North America.


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