Artificial Intelligence or AI has ingrained itself in our daily lives. It’s used in customer service, social media, travel and in vehicles. More and more businesses are realizing how AI can make a positive impact, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and human resources (HR). According to Statista, the current AI market is valued at $100 billion and is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly $2 trillion. The growing market has a lot to do with Chat GPT, which has awakened the possibilities of generative AI.  

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool created by OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company, that simulates human-like conversations. Ask a question through ChatGPT and it can generate unique answers. ChatGPT can not only answer questions but write content like posts, emails, blogs, product descriptions and ads.  

How Businesses use ChatGPT 

The business use case for ChatGPT is about a mile long. According to Business News Daily, ChatGPT can used for: generating summaries, creating outlines, generating SEO-friendly keywords, brainstorming, generating customer service emails, explaining difficult concepts, creating responsive chatbots and helping with web development. 

For the construction industry, ChatGPT can be used to improve communication with clients by automating scheduling and sending appointment reminders. Used on a website, ChatGPT can answer questions about your business and its services. ChatGPT can also aid in project management by collecting and analyzing data, transforming notes into stakeholder reports and more.  

But ChatGPT can also play a huge role in HR.  

ChatGPT’s Uses in HR 

Every HR department is looking for ways to save time by streamlining tedious – but necessary – processes like benefits enrollment and processing payroll. ChatGPT can either simplify or completely take over many HR tasks. According to SHRM, ChatGPT potentially can: 

  • Craft job descriptions. 
  • Compose employee handbook materials and policy manuals and update them. 
  • Draft e-mails to job candidates, including offer letters. 
  • Check HR laws and regulations. 
  • Generate employee surveys and sentiment analyses. 
  • Develop personalized career development plans. 
  • Prepare performance reviews. 
  • Scan and screen resumes. 
  • Compile interview questions. 
  • Conduct market research on compensation. 
  • Provide employee self-service. 

The uses for generative AI in HR are endless. Arcoro has even introduced ChatGPT to its ExakTime platform.  

ExakTime’s New Generative AI Feature 

Arcoro has integrated the OpenAI GPT-4 language model through its partnership with Microsoft Azure. The new generative AI tool will help ExakTime customers compose clear, professional, custom alerts and notifications to individuals, groups or the entire company, improving communication while saving time.  

How does it work? 

When customers using the system’s custom alerts and notifications feature open ExakTime to create and send a communication to employees, they’ll find a new button that allows them to “Ask AI to create a message.” 

Clicking the button opens a pop-up window where customers can input simple or complex prompts that the AI will use to generate recommendations for the message. Users also have the option to “Regenerate message” for more text recommendations that they can then edit to fit their needs. 

The AI tool can assist ExakTime customers in quickly and easily finding the right language for common topics, including: 

  • Time approval 
  • Holiday reminders 
  • Storm watch 
  • Weekly schedule 
  • Safety meetings 

Employers can send AI-generated messages to individuals, employee groups, or the entire company via email, SMS text or push notification. The AI can also translate English messages to Spanish or French.  

The data used to generate AI messages will not be sent or accessible to Microsoft Azure or other third parties. Only the customer and Arcoro will be able to see the data, as outlined in existing customer agreements. 

Ready to let AI and ChatGPT lend your HR team a helping hand? Contact ExakTime to learn more about this exciting new feature. 


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