Results equal profits in the construction industry. Staying on schedule by working efficiently and accurately helps keep companies in the black. Automated time tracking and scheduling are tools that can help a company successfully manage its workforce. 

Companies get paid when projects get completed. Inflated budgets, especially when it comes to payroll, and extended timelines can quickly eat away your revenue.

What is Automated Time Tracking and Scheduling?

Time tracking is how companies log the time their employees work. Automated time tracking is done via a mobile app or rugged time clock. Digital time tracking solutions come with features like GPS and geofencing that allow employers to track when and where each of their employees are working. The information is collected in a software system and can be integrated with payroll and accounting systems. 

Automated scheduling software allows companies to schedule and track teams in the field. It can instantly send assignment and project requests to people while in the office or on the jobsite based on skillset, job title, certification, availability, location and so on.


Eliminate Time Theft with Automated Time Tracking

No matter how diligent you are during the hiring process, the chances an employee will commit time theft are still high. Two-thirds of all US-based small businesses fall victim to employee theft

Time theft can occur through “buddy punching” when one employee will clock another in or out without them being on the job site. Time theft can also be accidental, like when an employee can’t remember the exact time he or she started or stopped working.

A paper time and attendance system is not only inefficient but can become a huge money drain due to buddy punching and time theft.

Time tracking automation can eliminate the loopholes that make buddy punching and hour inflation easy with pen and paper time tracking. With an app, users are verified via photo before they start and stop their shifts. 


Records are stored digitally and can only be altered by those with authorization to do so. Digital time tracking apps and clocks are also accurate down to the second with records pushed to the office digitally every hour.

Reduce Payroll Processing Time

Just ask your bookkeeper, payroll processing with a pen and paper can be a time-consuming headache. First, you need to decipher the data – no easy task with sloppy, handwritten time records. Then that data needs to be manually entered into your payroll processing software – a lengthy process that can also result in honest mistakes.

Automated time tracking systems, like ExakTime, make payroll processing more efficient and accurate. Records collected by either the mobile app or time clock are automatically pushed to software in your office, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly trips to multiple job sites to collect time records.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Time tracking automation also eliminates manual data entry. Employee data, like job activities and job locations, can usually be exported into your payroll and accounting software. No more manual data entry.

Schedule Workers Faster with Automated Scheduling

Relying on whiteboards to schedule workers can have real consequences on morale and the bottom line of your company. If your team is scheduling labor on a whiteboard, it’s eating up hours in their day. It can feel like they are endlessly working the phone or email to move a few people. 

Those hours – from assigning labor, tracking labor and scheduling projects – add up quickly.

A digital whiteboard, like the one offered by LaborChart, improves labor visibility and transparency, helps eliminate data entry errors and provides critical information to your team in real-time. Your employees can get to work faster, positively impacting your productivity and your bottom line.

No More Paper with Automated Time Tracking and Scheduling

Paper costs money. Besides the actual paper cost, there’s the expense of time wasted using a paper time tracking and scheduling system.  

By eliminating the need for paper time cards, there’s the added benefit of helping preserve the environment. 

Using an automated time tracking system will also eliminate the inaccuracies of illegible and messy handwritten time cards, save thousands of dollars every year on materials and save the time it would normally take to process payroll.