Are you struggling to keep track of your employees’ work hours? Do your workers complain about inaccuracies in their pay? A time tracking app might be the solution you need. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we will dive into the features and benefits of a time tracker, how they work, and how ExakTime’s GPS tracking app helps simplify time reporting and improve efficiency in the field.


How Does a Time Tracking App Work?

A time tracker app is a digital workforce and project management tool designed to keep track of the time spent by an individual or a team on tasks and projects, no matter where they are. This helps in managing and allocating work hours, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and providing insights for improving overall productivity.

ExakTime’s time tracking tools allow workers in the field to clock in and clock out smoothly under unique cost codes. Business owners can use the app to instantly view reported hours, as well as key metrics like GPS location, meal break tracking, overtime hours and stop and start times for all job sites. The time tracking app for employees records and categorizes time spent on tasks so you can analyze their time usage patterns, minimize time wastage, and make critical decisions about resource allocation.

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Which Features Are Essential in a Time Tracking App?

An effective time tracker should have the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface: The app should be easy to navigate and understand, ensuring that users can quickly start tracking their tasks and projects without facing any confusion.
  • Multi-media capabilities: Having the ability to take photos and videos on the job site and upload them to the app offers clearer and more versatile communication between employees on-site and management or staff at the office.
  • Reporting and analytics: A comprehensive report system allows business owners to gain insights into their employees’ usage patterns and discover areas where improvements can be made.
  • Integration capabilities: A time tracking app that can integrate with other productivity tools, such as project management systems and communication platforms, ensures seamless operations and better team collaboration.
  • Customization and scalability: A good app should adapt to individual and business needs by offering customization, thus catering to different user requirements and organization sizes.

How do timers and manual entry methods differ?

Timers and manual entry methods are two different ways of recording time.

The timer method involves starting and stopping a time clock while working on a specific task or project. Timers provide real-time data on how much time is spent on an activity and helps users maintain accuracy in their work day.

Manual entry requires users to add the time spent on tasks manually, either as they occur or at the end of the day or week. Users can enter the time they have dedicated to a specific task or project in a timesheet format. Manual entry methods are less accurate and prone to user error, however, and lead to longer payroll processing times.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Time Tracking App?

Time tracking apps come with several benefits to both employees and employers. Let’s take some time and explore most of the more common benefits that using time tracking apps will bring to yourself, or your organization.

More Accurate Tracked Time and Pay

A time tracking app can greatly improve the accuracy of hours tracked, ensuring construction workers are paid correctly, on time and without errors. By using an app, each worker can easily clock in and out. Their time entries will precisely record their time spent on a specific project or task. This eliminates any discrepancies or potential human error often found in manual time tracking methods. Overall, a time tracking app can streamline the payroll process, eliminate costly errors and improve employee and employer satisfaction.

Increasing Productivity Through Tracking Time Effectively

Project time tracking can have a significant impact on productivity for individuals and teams. By providing insights into time usage patterns, these tools can help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in workflows. Users can then create strategies to minimize time wastage and improve productivity.

Advantages of Time Tracking Tools for Teams

Teams can greatly benefit from using time trackers. Time tracking data can help managers identify underutilized or overworked team members, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently and ensure timely project completion. Time tracking apps provide team members with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and deadlines, resulting in enhanced accountability and ownership of their work.

By integrating time tracking apps with project management tools, teams can collaborate more effectively and work towards common goals.

ExakTime App Features

ExakTime’s time clock app provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to effectively manage and track their employees’ time. With the integration of GPS technology, this app offers numerous benefits and features to streamline operations and enhance productivity. By utilizing ExakTime’s GPS time tracking app, businesses can ensure accurate tracking of employee hours, efficient job costing, improved project management and more efficient payroll processing. With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and robust features, our time tracking app can be a valuable tool for construction companies of all sizes.


Our time clock app has a GeoTrakker feature that revolutionizes GPS time tracking for businesses. With this feature, employers can easily track the location of their workers as they clock in and out, ensuring accurate and reliable time tracking. The GeoTrakker feature allows businesses to set up job sites and geofences, which are virtual perimeters around specific locations. This means that employers can manage their workforce effectively by monitoring employee attendance at the designated sites and receiving real-time updates if workers deviate from their designated work areas. The app also provides GPS coordinates and a trail of the employee’s movement, enabling employers to verify the accuracy of their time records. With ExakTime’s GeoTrakker feature, businesses can enhance productivity, prevent time theft and better manage their workforce on the go.

GPS Breadcrumbs

Our app offers a convenient and accurate GPS breadcrumbing feature that allows managers and business owners to track and verify the location of their employees in real time. This feature records the exact GPS coordinates of employees as they clock in and out, creating a digital breadcrumb trail of their movements throughout the day. This not only helps to ensure that employees are where they are supposed to be during their working hours, but also provides valuable data for monitoring productivity and job site efficiency. With this technology, businesses can have complete peace of mind knowing that their employees are accurately reporting their time and location, leading to improved accountability and streamlined operations.


ExakTime’s time clock app utilizes geofencing technology to enhance time tracking for mobile crews. By creating virtual boundaries around specific job sites or work areas, geofencing allows businesses to accurately track and record employee hours based on their location. This feature ensures that employees are only able to clock in and out within the designated areas, preventing time theft and providing companies with the ability to verify and validate hours worked.

Geofencing also offers real-time notifications, alerting managers when employees arrive or leave a job site, enabling them to stay informed and make adjustments to schedules if necessary. This feature optimizes efficiency, accuracy and accountability for businesses operating with a mobile workforce.

FaceFront Photo ID Capture

ExakTime’s time clock app comes with an impressive built-in FaceFront Biometrics photo ID capture feature. This technology allows the capture and verification of employee photo ID through a digital image. With this feature, employers can eliminate buddy punching and fraudulent time tracking, as each employee is required to take a live photo as part of their clock-in and clock-out method. The photos are sent to the cloud, where they can be reviewed by management anytime, anywhere. ExakTime’s photo ID verification ensures high levels of security and accountability and enhances the accuracy and reliability of time tracking, helping companies streamline their payroll and management processes.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows employees to clock in and out using a central shared device, such as a tablet or computer, creating a seamless and efficient process for tracking time. This feature eliminates the need for individual logins or physical time clocks and enables businesses to save time and reduce administrative effort. You can designate a single user control over the app, such as a site supervisor or manager.

With ExakTime’s kiosk mode, employees can easily access their work schedules, view job-related information, and complete necessary tasks in a centralized location. Kiosk mode is especially useful for new hires. They can breeze through onboarding paperwork on a kiosk at the job site and get started working faster.

Supervisor Sign-In

ExakTime offers an efficient solution for companies with supervisors overseeing employee attendance through Supervisor Sign-in and Sign-Out. This feature gives supervisors the authority to sign employees in and out of work and also meal breaks. Enabling this capability is particularly helpful in scenarios where employees may forget to clock in or out or if they move to different job sites. With just a few taps on their mobile device, supervisors can easily sign employees in or out, ensuring accurate and reliable attendance records.

Spanish/French Options

ExakTime’s time clock app offers Spanish and French language options, allowing employees to select their preferred language. The app automatically adjusts to show in Spanish or French, ensuring ease of use and understanding for non-English-speaking employees. This feature promotes accuracy and streamlines the time tracking process for multilingual workforces.

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Common Questions About Time Tracking Tools

Can time tracking software improve productivity?

Yes, using time tracking software can help improve productivity by providing insights into how you or your team spend time on tasks and projects. By analyzing time tracking data, you can identify inefficiencies or areas for improvement, prioritize tasks, set more accurate deadlines, and ultimately work more effectively. Furthermore, time tracking can encourage accountability, as it provides a clear record of the time spent on various activities.

Can I integrate a time tracking app with payroll?

Yes, ExakTime offers seamless integration with your accounting system and other workforce solutions to ensure more accurate and efficient payroll processing and improve productivity. We partner with key software providers, such as:

  • Acumatica
  • ADP
  • Foundation
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Viewpoint
  • And many more…


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