Time tracking is a critical task for any business, but especially important in industries like construction and field service where crews work across multiple sites. Choosing the right time-tracking solution can help construction companies boost productivity, ensure payroll accuracy and make data-driven decisions.


Let’s compare two popular time clock tools, ExakTime and busybusy, to help you determine the best fit for your construction or field service teams.

Introduction to Time Tracking Software

Time-tracking software provides automated tools to record and analyze employee work hours. Instead of manual timecards or spreadsheets, workers can clock in and out through a mobile app, computer program or physical time clock.

Some key benefits of time-tracking software for the construction industry include accurate records of hours worked, projects and locations, seamless integration with payroll systems, easy compliance with labor regulations and GPS tracking of employee locations.

For construction managers, time-tracking brings transparency and oversight to field service teamwork while saving significant administrative hassles.

The Importance of Time Tracking Software for Construction

Managing employee location and attendance is a major pain point in the construction industry for small businesses and large firms alike. The dispersed nature of work across changing job sites makes it difficult to monitor construction crew hours and productivity. Paper time cards are inefficient and prone to errors that lead to inaccurate payroll.

Construction-specific time tracking software solves these problems by providing mobile time clock tools so workers can clock in/out from any device, with GPS location stamping to confirm presence at the job site. Verification tools like photo ID capture, equipment logs and GPS tracking verify that the right employees are working and are at the right job sites.

Seamless payroll integration ensures data flows automatically to payroll systems, so workers get paid precisely for the time they work. Powerful reporting gives managers real-time insights into workforce productivity with reports on employee hours, cost codes, overtime rules, prevailing wage compliance and more.

Automated time-tracking features mean accurate pay records for simplified compliance with labor laws. Alerts manage breaks, overtime rules and other requirements.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime is a full-featured time-tracking solution designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors, electricians, plumbers and other construction crew professionals.

The software centers around an easy-to-use mobile app that allows field employees to clock in and out via GPS location-enabled mobile devices. The integrated GPS location capabilities provide validation that workers are at the expected job site when clocking in and out. Employees can also use ExakTime’s FaceFront feature to capture photo verification of their identity on each clock in.

A key advantage of ExakTime’s time-tracking app is the ability to clock in and out in offline mode when internet connectivity is down. The app caches data offline until it can sync once back online. This ensures construction crews can log time reliably from any remote job site without connectivity issues getting in the way.

For added flexibility, ExakTime offers supplemental web-based time clock tools and physical rugged time clocks for easy clocking in centrally or from the office. The time-tracking data flows seamlessly into ExakTime’s robust back-office platform. Here, supervisors have access to a wealth of real-time reporting and analytics on employee hours worked, labor costs, progress tracking, overtime hours, prevailing wage compliance and more.

ExakTime really shines when it comes to integrations. It syncs bi-directionally with many different payroll platforms to move approved hours directly into payroll. This ensures fast and accurate paycheck calculation. ExakTime also connects with existing construction management solutions used by its clients.

With award-winning support and implementation services, ExakTime gets construction firms up and running quickly with its purpose-built software. Ongoing training and consultation ensures clients maximize the value of the data and tools ExakTime provides.

busybusy App Review

busybusy offers automated time-tracking and scheduling software designed for all types of businesses. It provides easy tools for workers to clock in/out via digital time cards accessed through mobile or desktop apps. Managers can use busybusy to schedule employees and track time across locations.

The software enables users to build customized reports on employee locations, time, attendance, schedules, project assignments and more. The busybusy platform also includes optional GPS location apps for clocking in/out.

Key Differences

Now, let’s delve into some of the significant distinctions between ExakTime and busybusy.

While busybusy caters to a broad spectrum of industries, ExakTime’s primary focus is the construction sector. ExakTime has finely tuned its features to address the unique challenges encountered in construction, such as managing dispersed job sites, handling complex payroll processes, tracking equipment and meeting stringent regulatory requirements. Both the time-tracking app and the suite of back-office tools are purpose-built to serve the specific needs of contractors.

ExakTime places a strong emphasis on field-facing capabilities that enhance job site oversight. This includes features like GPS clock in/out for precise location tracking, photo ID capture for identification verification and equipment maintenance logs to ensure equipment remains in optimal condition. On the other hand, busybusy offers a more generalized approach to workforce management, providing tools for schedule optimization and project assignments.

In terms of customer service, ExakTime offers a personalized onboarding experience and continuous support from industry veterans who bring their construction expertise to help clients maximize the value they derive from the software. In contrast, busybusy adopts a self-service model, relying on online support resources for customer assistance.

For companies operating in the construction sector, ExakTime’s specialization sets it apart as the most robust and easily implementable solution available. Its tailored features and dedicated customer service make it a standout choice for those looking to streamline their construction operations and enhance efficiency.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution

When choosing a time-tracking system for your construction firm, there are several crucial factors to consider. These factors will play a pivotal role in determining the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

First and foremost, evaluate whether the system can deliver versatility by offering construction-specific features that address key requirements, including verified clock in/out, job costing, maintenance tracking and compliance.

Next, assess the system’s user-friendliness. Can your workers, whether they’re part of a large or small crew, easily clock in and out from various devices with minimal training? This ease of use is essential for seamless integration into your daily operations.

Consider the onboarding and ongoing support provided by the system. Is it tailored to the unique demands of the construction industry?

Integration with your existing payroll system is another vital consideration. The ability to synchronize time-tracking data with payroll processes can save time and reduce errors.

Additionally, think about scalability. Will the system adapt to your evolving needs as your construction business grows? Limited reporting features are a major pitfall for construction time-tracking software. Robust analytics on employee hours, costs, overtime and productivity are essential for construction firms to optimize labor, ensure payroll accuracy and make data-driven decisions.

Security is paramount. When evaluating time-tracking solutions, it’s critical to assess their security protections. With sensitive payroll data and personal employee information, the software must provide robust encryption, access controls and data security safeguards. Prioritizing security protects the confidentiality and integrity of your company’s time-tracking data.

Finally, weigh the long-term benefits against the costs. Will the productivity gains justify the investment over time?

By prioritizing these aspects, you can make an informed choice when selecting the ideal time-tracking software for your construction business.

Why ExakTime Is the Right Time Tracking Solution

For construction firms seeking an automated time-tracking system tailored to their industry, ExakTime is the premier solution.

ExakTime goes beyond basic time clocks to provide robust oversight of dispersed crews with GPS-verified clock in/out, equipment and materials tracking, compliance alerts and data-driven insights — all designed specifically for the job site and office.

Supported by award-winning customer service focused on construction, ExakTime delivers rapid ROI through accurate visibility into field service teamwork, seamless payroll integration, optimized workforce productivity and significant time and cost savings from automating manual processes.

With deep specialization in construction workflows, ExakTime gives contractors an all-in-one platform to simplify time tracking and unlock the power of data to drive their business forward. Learn more and view a demo at ExakTime’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExakTime offer GPS mobile clock in/out?

Yes, ExakTime provides GPS location-enabled mobile apps for clocking in and out from any job site using geolocation to verify the employee’s presence at the expected location.

How long does ExakTime implementation take?

With ExakTime’s award-winning customer support, clients are typically up and running within 2 weeks. The ExakTime team can help with setup, configuration and training and ensures smooth payroll integration.

Does ExakTime integrate with payroll systems?

A key benefit of ExakTime is the deep payroll integrations offered. ExakTime integrates with multiple  payroll platforms including, ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks and more to automatically transfer approved timesheets. This seamless data flow ensures fast, accurate paycheck calculation without manual data entry.