When it comes to time tracking and project management, ExakTime and ClockShark are two leading solutions in the field. In this article, we delve deep into the specific features, user reviews, cost-efficiency, GPS tracking capabilities, and PTO request management of both solutions.

This comprehensive review and comparison between ExakTime and ClockShark aims to provide you with valuable insights that aid in making an informed choice for your business or organization.

What Is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is used by businesses to track employee work hours, attendance, PTO requests, sick days, geo locations, and automate payroll processing. It replaces outdated manual time-tracking methods like paper time sheets.

Key benefits of time tracking software include automated time tracking using GPS, geofencing, and photo verification; real-time insight into labor costs, productivity, and attendance; automated payroll processing based on actual hours worked; reduced payroll errors and compliance risks; project cost tracking and job code reporting, scheduling, and shift management; and preventing “buddy punching” or fudging of hours worked.

For construction, contracting , and field service companies, the right time-tracking solution provides essential data to optimize payroll, ensure compliance, improve oversight of their mobile workforce, and gain visibility into labor costs.

The Importance of Automated Time Tracking for Construction & Field Service

Construction, contracting , and field industries face unique time-tracking challenges. Field service workers work at constantly changing job sites with poor connectivity. Prevailing wage compliance is critical for certified payroll. “Buddy punching” is a big risk without rigorous verification. Getting accurate hours from field -basedworkers on tight deadlines is difficult.

An effective time-tracking solution tailored for these industries can verify the exact geo locations where employees clock in and out; provide real-time data on working hours; help maintain labor law compliance; prevent time theft and buddy punching with photo capture and GPS tracking and integrate hours data directly into payroll for faster, error-free payments.

The right construction-focused system saves administrative time and provides oversight of remote teams to reduce payroll inflation and compliance risks.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime stands out as a robust, cloud-based solution meticulously crafted to address the intricate needs of the construction, contracting , and field service sectors. Within its comprehensive suite of offerings, ExakTime seamlessly handles the distinctive challenges faced by field service workers in these industries.

One of its primary time tracking features is the rigorous verification of hours worked. Utilizing GPS tracking, geofencing, and photo capture, ExakTime confirms employee locations, putting a stop to common issues like “buddy punching.” This precision ensures that time sheets remain accurate and dependable.

ExakTime also streamlines compliance processes. It simplifies the tracking of prevailing wage codes, certifications, and other essential data required for certified payroll reporting. With ExakTime, you can rest assured that your company is perpetually audit-ready, making compliance management a more straightforward task.

In addition, ExakTime offers seamless offline access, especially for job sites in remote locations where internet connectivity may be limited. Their mobile time clock app continues to function even without an internet connection and automatically syncs data once connectivity is reestablished.

For payroll processes, ExakTime streamlines the workflow through automated integration into various payroll systems. This ensures prompt and error-free paychecks for your valued employees.

Furthermore, ExakTime provides powerful reporting, offering real-time insights into labor costs, productivity, and other critical metrics. These insights empower data-driven decision-making and facilitate performance optimization.

Managing your workforce is made more efficient with ExakTime’s location management features. You can schedule, dispatch, and track crews working at multiple job sites with precision.

ExakTime also streamlines the process for PTO requests, sick days, and other employee time off approvals.

And, to ensure you receive the full benefits of this comprehensive solution, ExakTime’s award-winning customer service team is available to provide comprehensive assistance with setup and configuration.

In essence, ExakTime offers end-to-end solutions, expertly tailored to meet the intricate requirements of the construction industry. Whether it’s compliance, verification, reporting, or integration, ExakTime is the trusted partner you can rely on to enhance operational efficiency and simplify time-tracking processes.

ClockShark Review

ClockShark is a versatile and automated platform that caters to a wide range of industries, including construction, landscaping, healthcare, real estate, and many more.

With ClockShark, the aim is to offer an all-encompassing solution that covers time sheets, scheduling, vacation requests, sick days, reporting, and even light job management. It’s a comprehensive package designed to suit the diverse needs of various industries.

The platform allows extensive customization with features such as adaptable fields, labels, and permissions. It offers robust access control roles that can be tailored to your organization’s unique structure. Clock Shark also provides APIs and seamless integrations with a variety of common software systems.

Moreover, it offers different software options, including mobile-only solutions. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, ClockShark scales to fit your specific requirements.

While ClockShark provides broad configuration options to accommodate a wide range of businesses, it’s worth noting that industry-specific solutions may entail additional costs.

Key Differences Between ExakTime and ClockShark

While ExakTime and Clock Shark share some similar monthly base fees and basic features, there are significant differences in focus, construction-specific capabilities, and approach to critical needs like verification, compliance, and payroll.

ExakTime’s Standout Capabilities

ExakTime shines as a purpose-built, construction-focused solution with robust time tracking features that deliver versatility and address industry-specific challenges:

  • Custom fields, equipment logs, and rugged time clock software tailored for construction environments
  • Advanced verification tools like geofencing, clock-in photos, and location mapping prevent inflated time and buddy punching
  • Built-in prevailing wage tracking and certified payroll reporting simplifies compliance
  • Streamlined process to submit and approve PTO.
  • Deep real-time integrations with many top payroll and construction tech platforms like ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks
  • Award-winning U.S-based customer service support and onboarding guides optimization
  • Powerful app works offline and is designed to minimize battery drain on mobile devices.
  • Management insights from real-time reporting on labor productivity, costs, and more
  • Competitive pricing with no extra charges for construction-focused capabilities

With end-to-end solutions designed for the unique needs of construction, landscaping, and field service, ExakTime delivers exceptional value focused on this industry.

ClockShark’s Generalized Approach

ClockShark serves many industries with flexible but more generalized software:

  • Broad configuration options but construction-specific features cost extra beyond the standard plan
  • Limited offline access and basic mobile experience
  • Manual photo verification only; face recognition and geofencing are add-on fees
  • Can export hours but has fewer direct payroll integrations
  • More self-service support resources versus hands-on onboarding
  • Additional charges for compliance needs like certified payroll reporting
  • Scales from small to large enterprises across many industries

ClockShark offers broad functionality suitable for diverse businesses through its flexible platform. But it lacks the depth of tailored, purpose-built solutions for construction firms found with ExakTime.

Selecting the Best Time Tracking System for Your Construction Firm

When it comes to choosing the perfect time and attendance tracking system for your construction, contracting, or field service company, the process may seem daunting.

However, making the right decision hinges on understanding your unique needs and priorities. Consider the following essential factors when evaluating your options:

  1. Construction-Specific Features: Look for a system that offers custom fields, equipment and material tracking, field notes, prevailing wage coding, certified payroll compliance tools, and robust software designed to adapt to your organization.
  2. Advanced Verification: Ensure that the system provides rigorous verification through photos, geofencing, GPS points, and photo ID. This level of scrutiny will help prevent time fraud such as “buddy punching” or inflating work hours.
  3. Connectivity: Evaluate whether the mobile solution can function offline, especially in remote locations with poor connectivity. Seamless operation is crucial for tracking hours and maintaining data accuracy.
  4. Compliance Needs: Determine the system’s capacity to support certified payroll, labor standards, and audits related to prevailing wage jobs. It’s essential to stay compliant with industry regulations.
  5. Payroll Integration: Investigate the depth of integration with your existing payroll platform. Assess how straightforward it is to import employee hours and payroll data.
  6. Support Resources: Check if the provider offers training, setup assistance, and ongoing support. Being able to quickly obtain answers from product experts can make a significant difference in system usability.
  7. Cost: Be vigilant for hidden fees tacked onto the monthly base fee. Understand the pricing structure and whether additional add-ons are necessary to meet compliance, verification, or integration requirements.
  8. Scalability: Look for a solution that can easily adapt to your business as it grows in the years ahead. Scalability ensures that your time-tracking system remains relevant as your company expands.

Your choice between an industry-specific solution like ExakTime or a more general platform like ClockShark will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider these factors carefully to make an informed decision that best serves your construction company’s time-tracking and attendance management requirements.

Why ExakTime Is the Best Choice for Construction and Field Service

ExakTime stands as the preferred choice for countless construction, contracting, and field service organizations, offering tailored solutions that perfectly align with your unique industry requirements.

What makes ExakTime the superior option? It starts with its specialized construction features, designed to tackle the specific challenges you encounter on a daily basis. From prevailing wage tracking to geo location monitoring to management of PTO requests, ExakTime provides the tools you need.

Additionally, ExakTime offers powerful verification methods. These include location mapping, geofencing, photo ID, and custom alerts, all of which help to eliminate issues like buddy punching and time inflation, ensuring the accuracy of your time records.

Compliance is a breeze with ExakTime. You’ll find features that simplify certified payroll support, prevailing wage reporting, and audit tools. Staying compliant with industry regulations has never been easier.

When it comes to payroll integration, ExakTime seamlessly connects with many  payroll systems, such as ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks. This automation reduces administrative work and ensures that your hourly pay data remains up-to-date.

Gain valuable insights into your operations through real-time reporting, giving you visibility into productivity, labor costs, and more. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your workforce.

ExakTime also offers responsive and award-winning customer support, providing help with setup, training, and ongoing support.

Best of all, ExakTime’s cost-effective model ensures you receive essential construction-specific capabilities without incurring additional charges. It’s a scalable solution that grows with your organization.

With ExakTime, you’re not just acquiring software; you’re partnering with an industry leader who understands the nuances of construction time-tracking needs. Make the smart choice for your business with ExakTime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ExakTime better than ClockShark for construction companies?

Yes, for most construction firms, ExakTime tends to be the better choice over ClockShark. ExakTime offers more robust mobile tools, deeper payroll integration, and purpose-built construction-specific features all included in the standard plan.

What makes ExakTime different than other time-tracking apps?

ExakTime stands out with construction-focused capabilities like rugged time clocks, equipment and prevailing wage tracking, geofencing, photo ID for clock int verification, offline access, and unparalleled integration with leading payroll platforms.

Does ExakTime offer photo verification to prevent buddy punching?

Yes, ExakTime uses FaceFront to capture and verify employee selfies at clock in. This ensures accurate identification and prevents buddy punching.

Can ExakTime help track prevailing wage compliance?

Yes, ExakTime has customizable fields to capture prevailing wage codes for each employee per job. This supports certified payroll reporting and compliance monitoring of prevailing wage laws.

Learn More About ExakTime’s Time Tracking Solutions

ExakTime offers robust time-tracking solutions tailored for construction companies. Its software allows construction businesses to easily track employee hours on job sites, enforce payroll policies, integrate with accounting software, and generate insightful reports. Key benefits include increased payroll accuracy, better project costing and oversight, and simplified compliance. Learn more and view a demo on Exaktime’s website.