With their mobile workforce, construction companies face unique challenges. No matter your specialty, managing a mobile workforce efficiently is crucial for business success. To help them overcome these challenges, thousands of companies rely on ExakTime’s mobile time tracking technology.


What Are the Challenges Faced by Mobile Workforces in Different Construction Specialties?

Mobile employees in the construction industry face a multitude of challenges that are specific to their line of work. From changing project requirements to maintaining effective communication, there are several obstacles that workers must overcome on a daily basis. Understanding and addressing these industry-specific challenges is crucial for improving efficiency, productivity and overall success in mobile construction workforces.

Construction and Specialty Contracting

In specialty contracting, one major challenge is the lack of real-time communication and collaboration between team members working at various job sites. This can make it difficult for project managers in construction contracting roles to track progress, assign tasks and ensure that everyone is working in sync.

Another challenge is the sheer complexity of managing resources and equipment across different locations. Coordinating the logistics of transporting tools, materials and machinery can be time-consuming and costly.

Additionally, mobile workers often face unreliable and fluctuating access to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, hindering their ability to access vital information, submit reports, or communicate with their supervisors or clients.

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Mobile concrete industry workers rely on accurate and up-to-date project information, such as blueprints or specifications. This can be difficult to access and update on the go, especially if their mobile devices have poor connections. The transportation and logistics of transferring equipment, materials and tools to different job sites can also be complex and time-consuming. Concrete is a heavy and perishable material that requires specialized handling and transportation.

The concrete industry often operates on strict timelines, and delays in transportation or unexpected site conditions can dramatically impact project schedules, leading to increased pressure and stress for the mobile workforce.


Mobile work in the flooring industry presents a unique set of challenges. Logistics can be a major obstacle, as flooring professionals need to transport heavy and bulky materials and equipment to a variety of job sites. This requires careful planning to ensure that all the necessary tools and supplies are available when needed.

Scheduling can be difficult as mobile flooring workers often have to juggle multiple projects in different locations, which can lead to potential delays and conflicts. Moreover, ensuring effective communication and coordination between team members can be a challenge when they are scattered across various sites.


One of the primary issues faced by HVAC workers is the constant movement between different locations and job sites. HVAC technicians often need to travel long distances to reach their clients, which can result in wasted time and increased fuel costs.

Additionally, mobile workers face difficulty in managing multiple assignments and scheduling conflicts. With varying job durations and urgent service calls, coordinating and prioritizing tasks can be challenging.

Furthermore, the inaccessibility of specific tools and equipment can pose a problem. Carrying all the necessary tools and equipment can be cumbersome, especially when technicians have to work in confined spaces.


The masonry mobile workforce needs to transport heavy and often bulky equipment to different job sites. Masonry tools and supplies such as mixers, scaffolding and heavy bricks require specialized vehicles and careful planning to ensure their safe transport.

Additionally, masons working in different locations may encounter varying weather conditions, which can affect the quality of their work.

Communication can also be a challenge for mobile masonry workforces, as they often work in remote locations where access to reliable cellular or internet networks may be limited. These workers need to find innovative ways to share information with their team members and coordinate their tasks effectively.


Landscaping professionals spend a significant amount of time working outdoors, often in different locations each day. This constant movement creates logistical challenges, as workers need to navigate and transport tools, equipment, and materials from one site to another efficiently. Landscapers may face unpredictable weather conditions that can disrupt schedules and productivity.

Moreover, communication and coordination among team members can be challenging when they are constantly on the move, making it crucial to establish effective communication channels to ensure seamless operations.

The mobile nature of the landscaping industry poses distinctive obstacles, requiring effective planning, adaptability and communication skills for successful project completion.


Mobile drywall workforces must transport heavy, bulky drywall sheets and equipment to different job sites. Mobile employees need to handle these fragile materials carefully to avoid damage. Additionally, since drywall installation usually involves working in various locations, ensuring timeliness and effective scheduling can be a challenge.

Mobile drywall workers are required to coordinate with suppliers, contractors and other team members to ensure that the necessary materials and equipment are available at the right time and place.

However, communication and collaboration can be a challenge since workers may be spread across different job sites, making it necessary to have effective systems in place to share information and updates in real-time.


One of the key challenges for roofers is coordinating and communicating with teams that are constantly on the move from one job site to another. Job locations change frequently, making it difficult to keep track of the team’s whereabouts and allocate tasks efficiently. Additionally, the physical nature of roofing work requires specialized skills and equipment, which must be transported to each site.

Keeping track of tools and supplies and ensuring their timely delivery to the right location adds an extra layer of complexity.

Weather conditions can significantly impact the work schedule, further complicating the management of a mobile workforce in the roofing industry. Roofing is also one of the most dangerous construction industries. Without the proper mobile workforce management software, reporting accidents and injuries can be difficult. 


The remodeling industry often faces hurdles when coordinating projects and managing communication between different team members. As remodeling jobs require working at various locations, it can be difficult to ensure all team members have access to updated project information, specifications and instructions.

Additionally, mobile workers in the remodeling industry need to be equipped with the necessary tools and materials, which can be challenging to organize and transport efficiently.

Working in different environments with varying client expectations and regulations also poses unique challenges. Overall, effective coordination, communication and adaptability are crucial for successful mobile workforce management in this industry. The solution lies in employing the right technology that can offer real-time visibility into the workforce.


In the painting industry, one of the biggest hurdles is the need for constant transportation and mobility. Painters often need to move from one location to another, whether it’s to different job sites or different areas within a single project.

This endless movement can lead to logistical challenges in terms of scheduling, availability of equipment and efficient time management. Additionally, painters need to ensure they have all the necessary tools and supplies with them at all times, which requires careful planning and organization. An efficient mobile inventory tracking system is vital for ensuring smooth operations.


Plumbers are expected to deliver prompt and efficient service to customers in various locations. They must be able to navigate through traffic, find the correct addresses and arrive at the customer’s location on time. Additionally, mobile plumbers often have to carry a wide range of equipment and supplies with them, which can make their vehicles bulky and difficult to maneuver.

This can pose challenges when it comes to parking, especially in crowded urban areas. Coordinating schedules can also be challenging when multiple plumbers are working in different locations and need to ensure they are available to meet customer demands.

Field Service

The field service industry relies heavily on mobile workforces to provide on-site services and support to customers. However, the lack of direct supervision and oversight can be problematic.

Field service workers are often deployed to different locations, making it difficult for managers to monitor their activities in real-time. This can lead to a lack of accountability and productivity.

Another issue in field services the need for effective communication and collaboration. Mobile workers often work independently, making it crucial to have robust communication systems in place to ensure they can access the necessary information and resources and keep in touch with management.


Electricians need up-to-date and accurate information regarding project requirements and specifications. Because they constantly move between different job sites, it can be difficult to ensure they have access to the most recent information.

Scheduling and managing resources efficiently can be difficult for electricians, as they need to coordinate with different teams, laborers and suppliers across multiple projects simultaneously.

Additionally, working on different sites often means dealing with varying conditions and safety risks. The potential for encountering unfamiliar electrical systems, equipment, or hazardous environments can pose additional challenges for mobile electricians, requiring them to continually adapt and remain vigilant.

Maintaining safety standards along with efficient project execution is always a challenge. Mobile technology, when utilized correctly, can help ensure safety while enhancing productivity.

Solar Energy

Workers in the solar energy industry are constantly on the move and working in different locations. The transportation and logistics of moving delicate equipment and supplies can be challenging, especially in remote areas. Additionally, remote work locations often have limited access to reliable communication and internet services, which can hinder coordination and decision-making processes.

Another challenge is the lack of adequate infrastructure at remote sites, making it difficult at times to access electricity, water and sanitation facilities. Finally, ensuring the safety and security of solar technicians can be challenging, especially in unfamiliar or isolated locations.

Overall, these challenges require careful planning and management to ensure efficient and successful construction operations.

How ExakTime Mobile Time Tracking Technology Can Help Companies Enhance Construction Management

Construction management is a complex process that requires accurate and efficient tracking of employee time and labor. With advancements in technology, such as mobile workforce management software, companies now have access to powerful solutions.

ExakTime’s mobile time tracking tools can significantly enhance day-to-day construction management. Our innovative mobile app and time tracking solutions enable companies to accurately record and track employee hours, streamline payroll processes, maintain compliance and improve overall project productivity.

Streamlining Communication Through Mobile App

The ExakTime mobile gps time tracking app provides a seamless and efficient way for workers, supervisors, managers and office staff to stay connected. With this app, employees can easily clock in and out, submit time-off requests, send notes about equipment issues and receive important updates and announcements directly to their mobile devices.

This real-time communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and reduces the chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Improving Accuracy of Hours

With our app, construction managers and supervisors can easily track and manage where and when workers are at each job site. This accurate record of hours allows for better labor cost estimation and more precise budgeting. Additionally, the app provides real-time tracking, eliminating the need for manual time sheets and reducing the margin for error.

Moreover, the app provides insights into the productivity and efficiency of individual workers, making it easier to identify areas for improvement, additional training or talent management strategies.

Empowering Project Managers with Crucial Data

The ExakTime mobile app empowers project managers with remote access to essential data. With this app, project managers can easily access and monitor critical information about their projects from anywhere, at any time.

They can view real-time data on employee time and activity right on their mobile devices, allowing them to make informed decisions about resource allocation and scheduling. This remote access ensures that project managers are always up-to-date and in control, even when they are not physically present at the job site.

Documenting and Understanding Costs

Our mobile app allows employees to easily input expenses, such as mileage or material costs, directly into the system. This ensures that all costs and expenses are recorded and accounted for, providing construction companies with real-time visibility into their mobile workforce expenses.

By capturing this data electronically, the ExakTime app reduces the chances of errors or tampering with paper records. This helps to improve overall accuracy and transparency, empowering businesses to make informed decisions regarding their labor costs and expenses. Real-time tracking of project costs helps businesses to stay within budget and improve profitability. 

To see how ExakTime’s mobile workforce management tools and services have helped real businesses improve their efficiency and minimize challenges faced in different construction specialties, watch our case studies on Pilot Painting and Cooper Drywall.

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