Construction companies are clamoring for improved communication and easy-to-use technology in 2022, according to a new report by ExakTime partner Foundation Software, and time tracking is the solution. 


The report, the 2021 Construction Business Report, surveyed 810 construction professionals from June 1, 2021, to August 2, 2021. Looking ahead to 2022, respondents have several goals, including adopting new technology and improving communication:

  • 9% want to adopt new technology
  • 11% want to improve communication between teams

These goals make perfect sense considering they are also big areas of inefficiencies for many of respondents with:

  • 36% saying communications and collaboration need to be improved and,
  • 32% say manual processes slow them down.

ExakTime’s time clock app with payroll syncing is the solution many of these construction companies need in the new year.

ExakTime Automates Time Consuming Processes

Keeping track of hourly workers requires a diligent time tracking process that accurately records hours worked, including overtime, and transfers that data to payroll so employees receive pay for every minute worked. This process is an essential business practice and is also essential for compliance. But even though it is important, many construction companies’ processes are slow, cumbersome and are prone to error.

Foundation Software’s report found 35% of companies track time via paper time cards with supervisors filling out start and end times. This is an issue considering using paper time cards can lead to time theft on your employees’ part, even unintentionally (it’s difficult to remember exact start and stop times at the end of the week) and manual errors transferring that data to payroll. And to top it off, using paper time cards is incredibly time consuming. With 62% of construction professionals telling Foundation Software that they process payroll in-house, a digital, cloud-based solution is a lifesaver.

ExaktTime’s time clock app digitally records start and stop times so there’s no opportunity for misremembering or incorrect recording. Everything is there in your system so that you or your payroll personnel can easily prepare for payroll. Collect online employee sign-offs on time cards and sync the data directly to your accounting program. The entire process is more efficient and accurate, eliminating the need for time consuming trips to multiple job sites to collect time records.

ExakTime Time Tracking Improves Communication

Construction crews work in the field and many times don’t see the inside of the main office for days. Communicating with your teams to find out where and when everyone is working can be a full-time job in itself. ExakTime’s mobile time tracking solutions make communication simple and easy. Workers clock in and out on their mobile devices and the time clock app not only records the time but can see exactly where they are via GPS and/or geofencing options. So instead of calling or texting each site supervisor, those in the central office can simply go online and see who’s working or pull a report to track the productivity of each site.

ExakTime Time Tracking is Easy to Use

HR technology can only save you time and improve your communication if your employees actually use it. If your new tech isn’t easy-to-use, it runs the risk of lack of buy-in from staff but also operational slowdowns, according to Foundation Software’s report. In fact, 50% of businesses want their technology to be easy to use – which makes sense considering 87% don’t have a budget for software training. 

ExakTime’s top priority is to make sure you receive a personalized, excellent customer experience when implementing our software. Our award-winning Customer Success Team guides you through setup, configuration and testing of our time tracking software so you can start saving time and money. With targeted training and a thorough review of your time records through the first pay period with ExakTime, you’ll be an expert in our solution in no time. We offer:

  • “Train the trainer” approach tailored to the unique requirements of your business
  • Co-authoring of your company’s workforce management goals
  • Award-winning, responsive service every step of the way
  • A dedicated implementation manager assigned to you and focused on your specific needs
  • Custom development service available for clients with targeted functionality needs

More companies rely on smartphones in the field than ever before. For the first time, Foundation Software’s report found tablets are now a close second. Invest in a solution that takes advantage of the tech your employees and your company already use. ExakTime’s mobile time clock app is number one in the industry for a reason.