Within the dynamic and complex cycle of construction projects, one of the key instruments for efficiency and productivity is effective time tracking. From managing individual tasks to integrating time tracker data with payroll and accounting systems, proper time tracking can greatly optimize construction operations.

What Is Construction Site Time Tracking?

Construction site time tracking is a critical aspect of managing construction businesses. This task involves monitoring the work hours, breaks, and overall productivity of construction workers. With a reliable system like ExakTime, you can keep track of not only the entry and exit time of employees but also assess the productivity of each worker while on the construction site. By employing GPS location tracking or using advanced construction time tracking software tools, site managers can monitor real-time data about employee time, job costing, and project progress.  Effective time tracking can help you to make sure you are winning profitable construction bids.

How Does Time Tracking Increase Job Site Efficiency?

Time tracking in construction sites increases job site efficiency in various ways. By offering accurate data on labor costs and work hours, it enables site managers to optimize resource allocation and manage job costing effectively. It also aids in accurate payroll processing and ensures all weekly hours worked are correctly accounted for, eliminating disputes on pay and hours. 

What Tools Are Available for Construction Time Tracking?

A variety of tools are available for construction site time tracking. From simple manual time cards to advanced construction timesheet apps and rugged time clocks, businesses have options. But some have significant advantages. Popular time tracking software like ExakTime features functionality like GPS location tracking, scheduling, equipment tracking, field notes and easy integration with the prevailing accounting systems.

Why Use a Construction Time Clock App?

Using a construction time clock app enables supervisors to monitor the working hours of employees with precision, ensuring timely project completion and accurate payroll. A time clock app also aids in estimating construction time, the elimination of buddy punching, and it uses GPS trackers to mark the device’s location at clock-in and clock-out times. Whether it’s to track time worked on the job site, spent on driving trips or to calculate breaks, a construction time clock app is a comprehensive solution.

How Do Field Services Businesses Benefit from Time Clock Apps?

Field services businesses greatly benefit from time clock apps as they facilitate remote work tracking, increasing transparency and accountability. Time clock apps with GPS tracking allow site managers to verify employee locations in real-time ensuring they are on the assigned job sites. Other potential benefits include accurate billing, effective work scheduling, and reduced hassle in managing time cards.

What Are the Advantages of Time Card Apps for Construction Work?

Time card apps are vital for construction businesses looking to streamline labor cost calculation, payroll processing and labor law compliance. These apps not only enable real-time tracking of employee time but also provide insightful data for efficient task management.

How Do Mobile Apps Support Work Hours Tracking and Scheduling?

Construction time tracking apps offer automated systems for work hours tracking and scheduling. They are handy in tracking daily logs, overtime, and meal breaks, reducing the chances of human errors. They also offer a mobile platform for the construction team to communicate and update task statuses, enhancing overall productivity and project management strategies.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Trackers in Construction Sites?

With a construction time clock app utilizing precise GPS tracking, construction businesses can monitor their field services businesses efficiently. The utilization of GPS trackers on construction sites has significantly changed how construction businesses manage their operations.

GPS tracking provides real-time data, allowing employers to track time and the employees’ exit time and entry time on the construction site. Employers can trace who arrived late, who left early, and who is on break. This real-time tracking enhances work scheduling and ensures construction time tracking is effective and accurate. 

How Does Precise GPS Tracking Improve Time Management?

Construction time clock apps reinforced with a GPS location tracking feature allow the effective management of time on construction sites. Workers can clock in/out of specific job sites using the mobile app, providing accurate records of hours spent on different phases of projects down to the minute. Supervisors can see real-time updates on worker location, hours, and equipment use, enabling more efficient scheduling and dispatch of crews. This makes it easier to manage work hours and maximize productivity. 

In addition, the time clock helps in project tracking. With cost code tracking, it’s easier to measure the time taken to complete tasks and compare it with the set timeline. Time wasted on unnecessary tasks can be identified and eliminated, improving overall time management.

How Can GPS Location Tracking Increase Accuracy of Job Costing?

GPS time clock app facilitates accurate job costing. It captures the time spent on different tasks using preset cost codes and enables expense tracking, providing a reliable basis for job costing. By monitoring the time spent on each task by workers, as well as out-of-pocket costs, employers can gain insight into spending and distribute labor costs accurately. This allows better control over the project budget.

How Do GPS Trackers Aid in Monitoring Construction Workers’ Movement?

GPS trackers in construction time clock apps help keep track of construction workers’ real-time movement. This is crucial for safety, coordination, and ensuring that workers are where they need to be during work hours. 

Trackers can also provide a history of workers’ movement. Employers can access detailed reports on where workers were throughout the day. This can be useful both in coordinating work and ensuring accountability.

In addition, it allows the precise tracking of driving trips and travel time. For construction businesses that transport equipment and supplies to and from job sites, this can help predict and monitor related costs.

How Can Good Time Management Impact Labor Costs and Payroll?

Effective time management through a construction time clock app can significantly reduce labor costs and streamline payroll processing. By precisely tracking the entry and exit time of construction workers, businesses can pay them for the exact hours worked. This can help avoid overtime costs, ensuring that the construction business only pays for the actual hours worked.

How Can Accurate Payroll Processing Limit Labor Costs?

Construction time tracking software tools can effectively reduce labor costs by facilitating accurate payroll processing. A time clock app syncs the time data from the app, making it easier to calculate weekly hours worked, overtime, and paid holidays. A construction time card app reduces the chances of payroll errors, thereby preventing overpayments and managing labor costs.

How Does Accounting System Integration Work with Time Tracking Software?

Integration of an accounting system with time-tracking software creates a simplified and efficient payroll process for construction businesses. This synchronization connects the tracked time entries with the accounting system, allowing automatic computation of labor costs, overtime, allowances, and deductions. This reduces the instances of payroll errors saving the business money and time.

How Can Tracking Weekly Hours and Meal Breaks Affect a Construction Business’s Bottom Line?

Tracking weekly hours and meal breaks accurately can greatly affect a construction business’s bottom line. Compliance with labor regulations is not just required by law, but it can also have a significant impact on a construction company’s finances. Non-compliance can result in costly legal issues and damage to the company’s reputation.

By having a set system for tracking work hours and breaks, employees are less likely to claim they were denied their entitled time-off or overtime pay. This prevents wage disputes and ensures the company manages labor costs, improving their bottom line.

Why ExakTime?

ExakTime offers a comprehensive time-tracking solution that can revolutionize the way you manage employee hours. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing paper timecards across multiple job sites. Our solutions allow your workforce to conveniently clock in and out using a rugged time clock or a user-friendly app. When you choose ExakTime, you’ll not only save valuable time previously spent on manual processing and payroll-related tasks but also minimize the risk of errors and disputes.

ExakTime caters to businesses of all sizes, helping you to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance compliance. With seamless integration into your enterprise software stack, our solutions ensure a tailored time-tracking experience, making your success a sure thing.


How do you keep track of construction employee hours?

Keeping accurate records of construction employee hours is an important part of managing any construction project. There are a few common methods companies use to track hours worked by employees. While some still use manual paper time cards or spreadsheets, many companies now have employees clock in and out each day using an electronic timekeeping system, which automatically records hours worked. Modern solutions like cloud-based time clock software from ExakTime offer more robust and flexible options for logging construction employee hours while managing labor costs and cutting processing time.

What is the best time-tracking app for construction employees?

ExactTime is the best time-tracking app for construction employees because it is designed specifically with their needs in mind. It allows workers to easily clock in and out at job sites, track their hours across multiple projects, and ensure accurate payroll. With its focus on construction’s unique needs, streamlined interface, and smart features to prevent payroll issues, ExactTime is the preferred choice for keeping track of employees’ time and ensuring proper compensation.

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