In the fast-paced world of construction, every second accounts for the success or failure of a project. From managing worker productivity to tracking project timelines accurately, each aspect of a construction project requires precise attention to time. 

Understanding the Role of Time Tracking Software in Construction

Time tracking software has grown in popularity in the construction industry thanks to its wide range of applications. A construction time tracking software tool like ExakTime is not just limited to tracking employees’ hours but can extend to project tracking, driving trips tracking, and cost control. It allows construction businesses to have a clear picture of the time spent on each job.

Construction time tracking software tools also assist in employee scheduling, making it easier to plan and allocate resources for construction work. By integrating GPS location tracking, the software also ensures construction workers stick to the job sites, eliminating any uncertainties about their whereabouts during work hours.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software in Construction

The use of a construction time tracking software offers plenty of benefits. One immediate advantage is automated calculation of weekly hours, eliminating the need for manual timecards. Construction time clock apps provide real-time tracking, leading to a great reduction in administrative tasks. They help to spot any inefficiencies in the construction team and allow for quick amendments to improve productivity.

The software also tracks driving trips and provides precise GPS tracking, which helps businesses to keep an eye on construction site activities. Moreover, having a construction timesheet app enhances the accounting system by creating a seamless and direct link to applications like Quickbooks Time. Being able to break down each task by cost code also helps with project management and budget control.

Common Features of Construction Time Tracking Software

While construction time tracking software tools have a common central function – time tracking – many features support this functionality. One such feature is the construction time clock, which tracks the entry and exit times of construction workers. Another notable feature is the mobile app compatibility, allowing for easy access to construction timesheet software away from office spaces. It can capture the GPS trackers’ data and turn them into comprehensible reports for analysis. 

Selecting the Right Time Tracking Software for Your Construction Business

Choosing the correct construction time tracking software for your business depends mainly on your specific needs and budget constraints. As a rule of thumb, make sure the software you choose offers time cards, employee time tracking, GPS location tracking, work scheduling functions, mobile app access, and construction jobsite management tools – like those offered by ExakTime.

Additionally, consider software that offers integration with your existing accounting system and offers precise GPS tracking for job site management. For those focusing on controlling labor costs, software with features like cost code breakdown, weekly hours calculator, and one that aids in creating daily reports should be considered.

Boosting Efficiency and Productivity Through Time Tracking Software

With advancing technology, construction businesses are discovering robust ways to streamline their operations. By arming their workforce with a construction time tracking app or a construction time clock app, businesses can optimize their workforce These software tools allow for precise GPS tracking, including driving trips and task location. This kind of location tracking not only ensures that the construction work is being done at the correct job site, but also encourages construction workers to manage their work hours better. The introduction of these construction time clock apps can decrease labor costs and increase productivity rates, creating a winning situation on both ends.

Streamlining Project Management and Workflow

Within the busy dynamics of a construction team, keeping track of time is crucial. The implementation of construction timesheet software helps in effective project tracking and time card management. As the core function of these tools is time tracking, the useful features like project code tracking, employee time recording and construction site time management come as a bonus.

Adding a mobile app to the mix, like a construction timesheet app, furthers the effectiveness of these tools by providing real-time updates on the go. With this, managers can monitor the weekly hours of employees and  their entry and exit time. This simplifies work scheduling and ensures smooth project management.

Enhancing Labor Productivity with Real-Time Tracking

Another major function of a construction time tracking software tool is the management of work hours, which greatly impacts labor productivity. With this tool’s help, every worker’s time card becomes digital, making it easy for managers to record, check and confirm the daily work hours.

These digital construction time cards make it easier for businesses to monitor the productivity of their workforce. Using precise GPS tracking, managers can keep an eye on the construction site at all times, ensuring that the work is being done within stipulated work hours.

Improving Cost Management and Budgeting

One significant aspect that any construction project must monitor is cost management. Thankfully, construction time tracking software tools offer features that translate working hours into labor costs. These software tools can also be synced with other contractor business software like Procore and QuickBooks Time, seamlessly integrating with the business’s existing accounting system. This can help to generate a daily report, which can assist in effective project tracking and eventual budgeting for future projects.

Before Implementation: Challenges Faced by Construction Companies

Without a construction time tracking software tool, many construction sites struggle with manual time cards, inefficient employee scheduling, and lack of precise GPS tracking for their construction team. Companies often lack the accountability of accurate construction employee time recording and have trouble in matching the actual work hours with reported ones.

Not to mention, a lack of GPS location tracking makes it difficult for companies to monitor construction workers at multiple job sites. Traditional methods also limit project tracking, making it hard to gauge productivity and often leading to increased labor costs.

The Implementation Process: Setting up and Using Time Tracking Software

The first step in setting up any construction time tracking app or software is to introduce employees to  the software. They should know how to clock in and out, record their travel time, manage work schedules, and report their weekly hours using the time clock software. With ExakTime, little or no training is needed because the app is easy to use. 

Having a mobile app allows construction workers to have a digital time card always handy. Also, having features like GPS trackers and cost code integration with your accounting system fosters higher productivity and accuracy.

Finally, it’s important not just to track time, but to analyze it. Construction time tracking software offers dashboard analytics and reports which allow you to visualize and measure your teams’ performance, compare labor costs, and estimate project completion times.

After Implementation: The Tangible Impact on Construction Projects

Once effectively implemented, construction timesheet software can dramatically enhance the productivity, cost-efficiency, and transparency of construction work. An integrated time clock app provides accountability for workers, ensures accurate billing, and reduces the time spent on administrative tasks.

Time tracking software also promotes better project management. Task management becomes optimized as projects can be tracked in real-time, enabling better resource allocation and work scheduling. The daily report feature gives a snapshot of the day’s work, offering insights into the project’s progress and helping manage potential issues proactively.

Most importantly, the construction timesheet app creates a sense of accountability and transparency, thus fostering trust between construction businesses and their clients. With the detailed tracking of working hours, travel time, and even exit time, businesses can provide their clients with accurate and timely billing, powered by real-time information.

Why ExakTime?

ExakTime offers a comprehensive time-tracking solution that revolutionizes the way you manage employee hours. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing paper timecards across multiple job sites. Our solutions allow your workforce to conveniently clock in and out using a rugged time clock or a user-friendly app. When you choose ExakTime, you’ll not only save valuable time previously spent on manual processing and payroll-related tasks but also minimize the risk of errors and disputes. 

ExakTime caters to businesses of all sizes, helping you to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance compliance. With seamless integration into your enterprise software stack, our solutions ensure a tailored time-tracking experience, making your success a sure thing.


How do you track hours worked on a construction project?

Accurately tracking hours worked on a construction project is crucial for ensuring workers are properly compensated and for keeping the project on schedule and budget. Many construction firms use electronic time tracking systems like ExakTime that allow workers to clock in and out each day using a smartphone app or rugged time clockThis automatic time tracking provides an accurate log of hours worked that can seamlessly integrate with payroll systems.

How do you keep track of construction workers?

There are a few good options for keeping track of construction workers on a job site. Setting up a sign-in/sign-out sheet is a simple way to have a record of who is on site each day. But the best option is using a cloud-based time-tracking solution like ExakTime. Workers can log their hours in an app that tracks when they arrive and leave. This gives more granular data on attendance that can integrate with payroll. The key is to have a clear system in place that workers know to follow, while respecting worker privacy and focusing on safety.

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