Digital time tracking solutions are far superior to paper time cards or even Excel spreadsheets. Digital time tracking precisely records each hour and minute your employees work via a mobile app or rugged time clock. There are no times to remember at the end of the week and no way for employees to make mistakes, fudge or pad their time sheets. The efficiency, mobility and accuracy that digital time tracking solutions provide make them a great solution for those who work in the field. But some of the best features are also great to use at businesses where employees work from one location, like a manufacturing or fabrication plant. 


Track Where Your Workers Clock In 

Time tracking solutions, like ExakTime’s GPS Time Tracking App, use GPS to track the location of your workers when they clock in, perfect for the field. But GPS tracking also works for employees who work in one building. ExakTime offers a geofence option. A geofence is a virtual “barrier” that’s set up to enforce certain restrictions or create certain opportunities. A geofence works like a regular fence by marking off areas, like your building. Employees must be inside the fence when they clock in. The geofence feature will also show those workers who tried to clock in from outside the fence, like the parking lot or gas station down the street. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either in the building or outside the building. GPS and geofencing features help ensure companies are only paying their employees when they’re actually working and where they’re supposed to be.  

Track Job Costs 

The ability to track jobs is essential in the field – where workers move from site to site. But tracking job costs is also useful for onsite workers. Cost code tracking features, like those offered by ExakTime, give companies the ability to see how their employees use their time on the job, how long projects take and how much is being spent. For example, a fabricating or welding company may work on projects for multiple contractor clients. Using cost codes, companies can see how much time their employees work on a particular project or for particular client. A cost code, which can be customized for your organization, is selected when an employee clocks in and can be updated throughout the day as they work on different projects. Employees can download the app to their personal mobile devices, making the switch from their station, or the app can be used from a centralized location, like a shared iPad. Being able to pull up this information at-will allows companies to always be in-the-know, enabling them to make informed decisions about projects that will impact their bottom line.  

Track Who’s Padding Their Timesheets 

Employees don’t need to be off-site to pad their timesheets. Padding or fudging time sheets can be both intentional and unintentional, e.g., an employee might forget exactly when they clocked in or they might be habitually late but always write down that they showed up on time. A digital time tracking solution, like ExakTime, holds everyone accountable for clocking in on time no matter where they’re located. This accountability can go a long way towards providing a fair working environment. For example, if your facility works off performance, those workers who are doing what they’re supposed to do might harbor animosity towards workers who are always late or standing around. A digital time tracking solution like ExakTime will quickly show managers who is working when they say they are, and who isn’t. Leveling the playing field for all workers can help create a fair and cohesive work environment.   

Mobile time tracking has its advantages no matter if your crew is working 10 miles or 10 steps from each other. It has capabilities like: 

  • GPS Tracking 
  • Geofencing
  • FaceFront Photo ID Verification
  • Scheduling 
  • Mobile Compliance 

With these tools, companies can effectively manage their workforces, no matter if they’re in the field or onsite. Contact us to see our solutions in action. 


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