Construction crews work in environments that must shift due to weather, timelines and budgets. And it’s not always easy to send a group text when circumstances change. Being able to contact crews quickly in the field is a huge deal.   

ExakTime’s time tracking solution not only accurately tracks worker time but has features that help improve field oversight. It allows managers to view company time clocks and project information from anywhere, track crews and equipment, schedule shifts and tasks and add project notes and images. ExakTime also lets companies create custom ad hoc messages to individuals or groups to keep crews and employees informed. 


Keeping Workers Informed on the Jobsite

A large majority of construction work is performed outdoors, making it susceptible to severe weather and dangerous outdoor conditions. For example, 2023 wildfires in Canada have left large parts of the US in a smokey haze, degrading the air quality. And severe weather conditions often come without warning. Company managers can use alerts and notifications to warn employees to take safety measures, change tasks or let them go home early.  

Alerts can also be used to remind employees to fill out and approve their timesheets at the end of the week. ExakTime’s built-in compliance features require employees to approve their timesheets so they receive the correct pay, overtime included as per the Fair Labor Standards Act.  

Or notifications can be sent to employees for a variety of other reasons like safety meetings, annual reviews, open enrollment or to complete training.  

Examples of Real Company Notifications 

Below are some examples of messages that ExakTime customers have sent their crews using our custom alerts and notifications feature to keep people informed real-time 

  1. Please approve time 
  2. Holiday reminder  
  3. Storm watch 
  4. You’re scheduled to work in 1 minute 
  5. Week schedule 
  6. Safety meeting 
  7. Break time 
  8. Go home 
  9. End of pay period 
  10. Reminder meeting today 
  11. Weather alert, head home early 
  12. Open Enrollment 
  13. Site closed today, no work 
  14. Annual review 
  15. Happy hour  
  16. Complete training 
  17. Smoke alert 
  18. Safety inspection 

Field Oversight is More than Time Tracking and Custom Messaging 

Having visibility into what’s happening in the field and keeping people informed is just one aspect of ExakTime. Staying informed about what your crews are doing helps improve how you plan and bid on future projects. Labor is a huge cost so being able to accurately estimate it helps construction companies remain competitive, while not under-bidding. 


ExakTime’s reporting features provide instant reports on regular and overtime hours by location or employee. These data-driven insights help managers see just how much they are spending on labor at each site. ExakTime also offers advanced analytics that customizes which pieces of data you value most. 


Maintaining compliance is another integral piece of the field oversight puzzle. Ensuring crews work within the guidelines of local, state and federal regulations help safeguard the successful functioning of a company. ExakTime’s mobile app asks employees to sign off on rest and meal breaks and injuries during the workday. It also has a feature that requires employees to review and approve their timecards with their signature, essential for maintaining FLSA overtime compliance. The information is automatically stored in the cloud, making it available for future reference, like an audit. 

Payroll Integration 

Once timesheets are accurately reported, the hours can be synced to payroll. ExakTime syncs with more than 90 accounting and payroll programs like Sage, QuickBooks, ADP, Acumatica,, Viewpoint and Foundation. Because of these integrations, office staff can process payroll faster without error.  

Cost Reduction 

When time tracking and payroll are automated, hour-rounding and errors are eliminated, saving your company time and money. You can break down project hours with customized cost code tracking. Workers choose what job they’re doing when they clock in, so managers know exactly what work is being performed. Plus, ExakTime cuts operational costs by minimizing administrative tasks. 

ExakTime’s field insight features can help construction companies better manage their job sites by keeping workers informed and ensuring time is accurate and compliant. Contact us today to see how these features can revolutionize your workforce management processes. 


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