With Memorial Day just around the corner, the summer is almost in full swing and with it, more outdoor construction work. That’s why the National Safety Council (NSC) is bringing awareness to the increased number of workers, and chances for accidents, by labeling June as National Safety Month 

According to the US Department of Labor, work-related injuries claim about 15 lives a day. In 2022, 5,486 workers suffered fatal injuries, an increase of 296 deaths from 2021. National Safety Month looks to amplify safety messages to create safer work environments. And while the NSC offers free resources for all, Arcoro’s partners offer real-world tools that can help keep your workers safe all year long.  


Disregarding Safety Comes with Serious Financial Risk 

Meeting safety requirements requires having a lot of tools in your arsenal for training, achieving certifications and performing tailgate talks. When these bases aren’t covered, your company could be put at serious financial risk. When an employee is injured on the job, lost time, workers’ comp and medical care costs hit your bottom line. 

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s (NCCI) Workers Compensation Statistical Plan database, of which the last report was available October of 2023, the average cost for all accident claims in 2020-2021 was $41,757. 

The hidden costs of not investing in safety could be far greater. Penalties for OSHA safety violations can be as high as $16,131 for serious violations to $161,323 for willful or repeated violations. 

Aside from the financial burden accidents can cause, they’re also bad for business in terms of negative PR, poor worker morale and turnover. 

Companies that don’t demonstrate a strong commitment to the safety of their workers may lose out when recruiting and retaining scarce talent. And with such a tight labor market, companies can’t risk losing the employees they already have. 

Arcoro’s safety & compliance package combines all the resources you need to safeguard your workforce and your business. 

Your Employees’ Safety, Covered 

Through Arcoro’s trusted partners, like ClickSafety, Training ABC and SkillSignal, companies can manage the delivery and tracking of formal and in-the-field training. Our integrated, streamlined approach to managing a construction workforce can help keep your employees safe and ensure you adhere to training and other mandates and, with myHRcounsel, offer cost-effective legal expertise when and if you need it. 

From general, specialized, advanced and OSHA construction courses with ClickSafety to resources for tailgate meetings, job hazard analysis, incident management and safety documents with SkillSignal, and much more, Arcoro’s partners have you and your team covered when it comes to keeping workers safe. 

Contact us today to see how our tiered packages of comprehensive services meet your business and pricing needs. 


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