Technology is how companies get ahead. Upgrading processes with better technology helps propel businesses forward. But employees can be resistant to change, no matter how great the improvements are.  

Consider the time tracking process. Tracking worker hours with a pencil and sheet of paper began more than 100 years ago. It’s a time-consuming process that prone to error yet many construction companies still use this method . Or they may have “graduated” to spreadsheets. However, technology has greatly improved this process with the availability of robust digital time tracking solutions, like ExakTime.  


Digital Time Tracking Benefits 

Digital time tracking solutions automate the process by recording hours worked, via a mobile device or rugged time clock. Crews clock in and out from the jobsite, without having to remember their exact hours, and managers are able to track where and when their workers clock hours. It makes for a smooth, easy process that holds everyone accountable; managers are assured workers are on site when they say they are and workers are assured they’re accurately paid for every hour worked, including overtime.  

But even with all of the positives digital time tracking offers, some construction companies still receive pushback from employees and site managers about using an upgraded solution. The reason is whenever change is implemented, it will be met with some resistance by those affected by it if they don’t understand why it’s happening. That’s where change management can help. 

Change management addresses that resistance head-on by communicating the reasons behind the change. It requires strong leaders to help employees understand the change and make sure the process goes smoothly. 

Use Change Management to Get Buy-In 

The Association of Change Management Professionals defines change management as “the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organization from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits.” Applying change management tactics helps companies face employee resistance head on so that implementing new technology goes smoothly. 

There are three keys to change management and they begin and end with leadership. 

  • Communicate. Communicate with your employees as to the why and what about the change. Explain the purpose behind the change and connect it to the company’s values. The result is a stronger buy-in and urgency for change. 
  • Collaborate. Encourage employees to work together and include them in the planning early on, engaging them in the process before any resistance can occur. 
  • Commit. Set an example for employees by committing to the new software. Be an active part of the implementation process and encourage others to support the change. Show your employees you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone as well. 

Once you understand the three keys of change management, getting buy-in and implementing the change will be that much easier. 

Best Practices for Implementing New Software 

Show Employees Why You Need New Software 

The decision to upgrade your technology likely came from a desire to improve a clunky, outdated process. Share with your employees why new time tracking software is necessary. 

  • Managing timesheets is time-consuming and prone to error 
  • Payroll is late or inaccurate 
  • Employees might be writing down the wrong hours 
  • There’s no way to track or approve overtime 

Demonstrate How New Software Will Help 

Once you share the “why” new software is needed, get into the details about how it will help. 

Benefits of software implementation may include: 

  • It will save time. 
  • It will save money. 
  • It will provide a better overall employee experience. 

Be prepared to bring facts and figures to further drive the benefits home. 

Offer Training Incentives 

Even the easiest software requires some type of training to make sure your employees understand how to use it. Offer employees incentives to complete the training in a timely manner, like a hot/cold drink container or gift card. 

Give recognition to the people spearheading the software implementation as well as those workers who were the first to get on board. For example, recognize the first employees to use time tracking for a full pay period.  

Choose A Vendor That Can Help the Change Go Smoothly 

ExakTime’s experts have guided thousands of organizations through the process of implementing our mobile time clock app and rugged time clocks. Our team will guide you through setup, configuration and testing of our software. ExakTime also offers targeted training, so you’ll be able to be a knowledgeable resource for your employees. 

Speak to an expert to see how easy it is to implement the ExakTime time tracking solution. 


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