ExakTime Offers Portable Time Clocks for Construction 

Mobile phones have become a natural appendage. We take them to work, to bed and even to the bathroom. But mobile phone use can be problematic on the jobsite. OSHA forbids mobile phone use relating to cranes and derricks and advises prohibiting use around any dangerous equipment. And employees may be resistant to using their personal phones for work. It’s understandable that some construction companies may choose to circumvent phone use all together. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to using paper time cards or spreadsheets to track worker hours. ExakTime’s portable time clocks for construction give you a digital time tracking solution without using a phone. 


What’s a Portable Time Clock for Construction? 

A job clock is a piece of equipment used on the jobsite that employees physically clock in and out on. Sometimes a job clock is referred to as a portable time clock, mobile time clock or rugged time clock. No matter the moniker, these clocks may be wireless, but they’re extremely durable.   

For example, ExakTime’s Rugged Time Clocks are: 

  • Portable: Rugged time clocks, like ExakTime’s, are small, easy to move and can be mounted anywhere on site. 
  • Weatherproof: Our portable time clocks for construction are designed for harsh environments like extreme cold, heat, rain and snow. These clocks can also operate in temperatures from -10˚F to 170˚F. 
  • Battery-powered: No AC power source is necessary to run ExakTime’s portable time clock and rechargeable lithium ion batteries last up to 21 days. Our JobClock Hornet can be charged from a car charger so you can recharge on the go. 
  • Flexible: Working with your accounting system, our JobClock Hornet accurately and securely tracks worker time, uploading the information to your payroll system. And if you’re outside cellular range, the job clock stores your employees’ login information until you can upload it. 

Accurately and Securely Track Time with Portable Time Clocks 

Job site time clocks’ biggest benefit is that they’re available to all employees – no matter if they have a personal mobile phone or not – while still providing digital time tracking, which is far superior to using paper time cards or even spreadsheets. 

Digital Time Tracking is Accurate 

The biggest problem with paper time cards is that they’re prone to error. Paper time cards can get fudged by adding extra time here or there, smudged from sloppy handwriting and even lost. Spreadsheets, while digital, still require someone to manually input time worked, which relies on staff never making a mistake. Construction companies can use a time clock to maintain accurate time and attendance records by eliminating buddy punching, inflated payroll and data entry errors.  

ExakTime’s wireless time clocks collect 100% accurate time and attendance records each and every time. The clocks automatically forward those records onto our time clock software in your office every hour for verification. No more inaccurate time cards and no more data entry errors.  

Digital Time Tracking Scales with Your Company 

Every business’ goal is to grow. An effective time attendance clock is one that can accommodate that growth without slowing it down. ExakTime’s time clocks allow you to track an unlimited number of employees and cost codes, so you’ll never have to worry about your time and attendance system falling behind the pace of your business success.  

Employee time tracking should be easy, convenient and work accurately if your employees have a phone or not.  

See how a rugged time clock can improve your time tracking by speaking to an expert today. 


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