Quickly convert hours and minutes to decimals with our time clock conversion for payroll chart. Reduce mistakes and speed up processing time! Accurate payroll requires tracking the hours your employees work, and converting those hours to dollars and cents. The whole process gets a little trickier when you have to translate the hours and minutes to decimals.

There is more to converting hours and minutes to decimals than simply adding a period between those hours and minutes. For example, if your employee works 40 hours and 23 minutes one week, you can’t multiply 40.23 by the hourly pay to get the correct wage. Instead, the minutes must be converted to decimals. Converting minutes to decimals is simple enough by dividing the minutes by 60. For example, 23 minutes is .38 decimal hours. See our quick minutes to decimal conversion chart below.

Payroll Minutes to Decimals Conversion Chart

Eliminate Decimal Conversion Mistakes

But taking the time to make those conversions for each employee every week can really add up, pardon the pun—not to mention leave your payroll susceptible to mistakes. Instead, consider upgrading to an automatic solution.

Time tracking apps like ExakTime’s Time Clock App make it easy for your company to track all of the hours your employees work, without the hassle of paper time cards. Plus you can take advantage of the several bells and whistles these apps have like GPS tracking which lets your workers clock into the closest job site, security features like photo ID capture and even built-in compliance that allow employees to sign off on health status, workplace safety and breaks. But the really brilliant part of these ingenious apps is their ability to automatically sync to payroll.

Integrations Simplify the Payroll Process

For example, ExakTime easily bridges our web-based time clock software and your existing payroll package so you can quickly export your employees’ data for payroll, no conversions necessary. We offer easy integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, Sage 100 Contractor & Master Builder, Sage BusinessVision and other valued partners. Our system:

  • Automates database transfer and system setup
  • Shares ExakTime Connect time tracking data with your payroll application
  • Exports attendance records in seconds
  • Ensures paychecks are accurate and on time every week
  • Frees time for other office responsibilities

Reduce your decimal conversion hassles and eliminate payroll errors with ExakTime’s solutions. Contact us to see how it can update your payroll processes.