Time tracking is a critical process for any business, but especially for those in construction, contracting and field services. With dispersed teams working across multiple sites, the ability to closely track time and labor is key for payroll, billing, job costing and more. However, not all time tracking solutions are created equal.

In this comparison, we’ll examine two popular options–ExakTime and Quickbooks Time–to see how they stack up for construction industry needs. While Quickbooks and ExakTime both have time tracking capabilities for construction industries, ExakTime is tailored and optimized specifically for this industry.

Below, we’ll dig into the details of each platform, their features and their fit for the unique time tracking challenges in construction and field service. But first, let’s discuss what time tracking is and why accurate reporting is crucial for businesses.

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software provides tools to record, organize and analyze employee time for payroll, client billing, job costing, scheduling and more. Key features of time tracking systems include:

  • Clock in/out options – mobile app, computer portal, physical time clock, etc.
  • Capturing data like GPS location, photos, or notes on each clock event.
  • Generating timesheets and reports.
  • Integrating time data with payroll, accounting, ERPs, etc.
  • Providing a dashboard to view reports and analytics.

For construction and field service businesses, time tracking delivers essential data to:

  • Validate time on site for payroll and verify work attendance.
  • Bill clients accurately based on time spent on projects.
  • Calculate job profitability with labor cost details.
  • Schedule crews efficiently as the project needs change.
  • Enforce work policies around overtime, meals and breaks, etc.

With dispersed teams across multiple job sites, having accurate and easy time reporting is critical for construction and service businesses.

The Importance of Time Tracking for Construction

Construction and field service businesses operate in a fast-paced, highly variable environment. Work needs to rapidly shift across multiple projects and locations on any given day. Teams and schedules are fluid. And margins are tight.

This makes having accurate, real-time visibility into time and labor one of the biggest challenges. Typical struggles include:

  • Verifying attendance: Is a worker actually at the job site for their shift? Are overtime hours legitimate?
  • Job costing accuracy: Budgets depend on knowing exactly how much time is spent on each project.
  • Client billing: Getting paid relies on submitting accurate invoices for time worked.
  • Scheduling: Workloads and staffing needs change hour to hour and day to day.
  • Productivity: Inefficient use of time drags down profits. But it’s hard to identify.
  • Compliance: Construction labor rules require detailed time tracking with certified records.

A purpose-built, construction-focused time tracking system addresses these pain points through:

  • GPS-verified clock-ins showing proof of location.
  • Geo-fencing to confirm presence on the correct job site.
  • Photos capturing proof of  attendance.
  • All data validated on rugged time clocks resistant to dust/drops.
  • Real-time tracking of overtime and other exceptions.
  • Seamless integration with payroll and accounting.
  • Powerful reporting for job costing,, billing, etc.

Now, we’ll see how ExakTime and Quickbooks compare when it comes to these key capabilities for construction and field service.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime is designed specifically as a time and jobsite management solution for construction and related industries. Key features include:

  • Mobile App: The ExakTime mobile app allows workers to clock in/out via GPS-verified punch locations. Managers can assign punch locations to confirm presence at the correct site.
  • Rugged Time Clocks: For areas with unreliable service or where cell phones aren’t the right solution, ExakTime provides rugged, industrial-grade time clocks. These collect and store punches offline for syncing to the cloud. The clocks are durable and resistant to weather, dirt, drops and other field conditions.
  • Photo Verification: With each punch, the mobile app captures a photo of the employeeThis provides visual verification of attendance
  • GPS Tracking: ExakTime’s GPS-enabled mobile time clock app provides real-time visibility into team location and activities across job sites without needing to be onsite. The software tracks employee locations via GPS on their mobile devices, syncing the data to the cloud, where it can be accessed and monitored from any location in real-time.
  • Powerful Reporting: ExakTime provides 120+ reports with customization options. Key reports include timecards, attendance, job costing, overtime analysis, and more. Data can be filtered and segmented as needed.
  • Advanced Analytics: ExakTime’s advanced analytics provides customizable visibility into all aspects of employee time and activities. Interactive reports allow filtering data like punch records, regular/overtime hours, mobile response data and more based on your needs. Advanced analytics help construction businesses better understand their workforce, work hours and job tasks.
  • Payroll Integration: Punch data flows seamlessly into payroll systems with pre-built integrations supporting leading platforms. This eliminates redundant data entry and the chance of errors.

ExakTime provides comprehensive, purpose-built tools for managing field teams, validating hours, enforcing policies, optimizing schedules, controlling costs and boosting productivity.

Quickbooks Time Review

Quickbooks is an accounting software platform for tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, payment processing, budgeting and more. One module it offers is time tracking capabilities.

The Quickbooks time tracker allows employees to log hours via:

  • Web Browser: Track, edit and approve time worked and PTO on a desktop or laptop.
  • Quickbooks Mobile App: Allows mobile clock in/out with GPS, crew and project tracking, scheduling, timesheet signatures and PTO management.
  • Digital Kiosks Located at a Job Site: Compatible with any tablet, desktop, or laptop, enabling browser-based time tracking with photo capture, GPS, quick clock in/out, timesheet review and integration with payroll software.

While functional for basic time tracking, the Quickbooks tool lacks several capabilities to meet the full demands of construction and field service. Next, we’ll look at some key differences.

Key Differences Between ExakTime and Quickbooks Time

While both platforms offer time tracking features, ExakTime is tailored specifically for construction and field needs. Some key differences:

  • Industry Focus: ExakTime serves construction, contracting, electrical, plumbing and related industries. Quickbooks has broad appeal across industries like retail, professional services, manufacturing, etc.
  • Rugged Time Clocks: ExakTime provides heavy-duty time clocks for use at sites with no cellular or Wi-Fi needed. Quickbooks relies on time kiosk features that require a connection for on-site tracking.
  • Photo Capture: Only the Exaktime app utilizes photos for validation. Quickbooks has a photo capture feature, but only through their digital kiosks.
  • Reporting: ExakTime reporting focuses on data like job costing, overtime tracking, and more. Quickbooks reporting is more generalized.

The bottom line–ExakTime delivers tools fine-tuned for the unique work environment, regulations and challenges of construction and field service businesses.

Customer Support

In addition to purpose-built features, ExakTime also shines when it comes to customer support. ExakTime values each customer and ensuring their success is our top priority. We believe excellent customer service is the key to long-term client relationships. That’s why ExakTime offers an exceptional experience that helps customers get the most value from our solutions, including:

  • Award-winning customer success team guides you through setup, training and configuration.
  • “Train the trainer” program trains your administrators and employees.
  • Implementation manager assigned to your specific account.
  • Co-authoring workforce management goals.
  • Responsive support throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Regular, bi-monthly training sessions and office hours

With extensive industry expertise, ExakTime’s support delivers an unmatched experience.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution

Choosing the right time tracking software is an important decision for construction and field service businesses. The optimal tracking tool becomes a critical tool to increase payroll accuracy, enhance job costing visibility, maintain compliance and gain data-driven insights into workforce productivity. Making an informed selection tailored to your company’s specific needs leads to impactful improvements in key aspects of your operations and bottom line.

When selecting time tracking, construction businesses should consider:

  • Industry-specific Features: Construction requires unique functionality like rugged time clocks, broad GPS and geo-fencing, photo verification and more.
  • Mobile Access: Not all sites have internet access. That’s why offline accessibility is key.
  • Reporting: Extensive reporting on job costing, overtime, schedules, productivity and more is crucial.
  • Compliance: Time data must meet standards like certified payroll, prevailing wage, meal break enforcement, etc.
  • Integration: Seamless sync with platforms like payroll, ERPs, accounting software, etc. avoids duplicate entry and manual processes.
  • Implementation and Training: Intuitive software and robust customer support ensure user adoption success.

The right solution provides the specialized tools and support needed in construction’s complex, fast-paced environment.

Why ExakTime?

For construction and field service businesses seeking a user-friendly yet innovative time tracking system, look no further than ExakTime. We provide innovative features through our mobile app, rugged time clocks and kiosks that are simple to implement but powerful in functionality. ExakTime delivers strong capabilities at a cost-effective price point tailored to the needs of your industry. We are the superior choice for:

  • Purpose-built mobile app with GPS tracking and photo verification.
  • Rugged time clocks capturing data offline.
  • Custom reports for job costing, overtime, scheduling and more.
  • Integration with leading payroll platforms.
  • Award-winning customer support and training.
  • Durable hardware that withstands tough field conditions.

With ExakTime, contractors and service businesses finally have accurate, real-time visibility into labor–leading to better productivity, profitability and payroll compliance. Take the first step today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does ExakTime serve?

ExakTime serves construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, oil and gas and other field service industries. The software is tailored to meet the unique time tracking needs of these industries.

Does ExakTime offer offline time tracking?

Yes. ExakTime’s rugged time clocks allow workers to clock in and out at job sites with no cell or Wi-Fi connection. The clocks record and store the data until they are back in the connectivity range.

Does ExakTime track you?

Yes, ExakTime’s GeoTrakker function tracks an employee’s location via GPS as they travel to, from and between job sites during their shift. It operates in the background on the employee’s phone, using minimal data to confirm their whereabouts and rate of movement.