Time is a valuable asset and one that most construction companies are continually striving to save. Human resources (HR) is one area where manual processes can really lag a team down. Manual HR processes, like time tracking and payroll can not only take hours of time but are prone to error. 


Adam Huffman, Manager of Implementation for ExakTime, says using time tracking software in lieu of manual processes can give companies back hours. But the system shouldn’t create more work, which can happen when you must manually transfer data from one solution to another. HR software systems should work together for a seamless, hands-off experience. ExakTime’s cloud-based time tracking solutions can automatically sync time and payroll data to several external payroll platforms, no extra work involved. 

He answers three questions about how ExakTime’s integrations give customers back what they need most, time.  

What is the biggest pain point you’re hearing from customers when it comes to their software systems? 

“Customers need solutions that connect employee time sheet data to their payroll systems. They need to move the data from time and punch records to different accounting packages for payroll or cost accounting. We’ve got all these customers that are doing these processes by hand and tell us they need to speed things up. The good news is that ExakTime has a great track record on how to achieve this.” 

How do ExakTime’s integrations offer a solution? 

“There are close to 70 accounting packages that we can push data to. That’s one of the big selling points customers are looking for and really appreciate. ExakTime also integrates with actual ERPs. 

“We are integration partners with Acumatica, Sage 300, Procore, Vista and more. We’re aligned with these partners, so our customers don’t have to have all their software with one company or perform dual entry with their payroll system. 

“With our Sage 300 integration you’re able to just push a button and it sends all of the employee information to Sage, including information stored in Arcoro’s Core HR, like deductions. All of the payroll information is automatically sent to integrated systems, giving our customers one system that is speaking with all of their external systems.” 

What integrations can ExakTime customers look forward to in 2023? 

“ExakTime already integrates with a number of external construction technology solutions and the development team is always working on several new integrations for our products to additional technology partners.  

“Integrations are about data, but they’re not the only data project we’re working on. We’re really excited about the advanced analytics we’ve been developing for ExakTime. We’re working on robust reporting that will help customers better understand their people costs and productivity. Users are able pull reports for anyone and create dashboards for management.” 

ExakTime’s sales and customer support staff are available to answer any questions about how our time tracking software can save you time, giving you the experience of a paperless, automatic payroll process. Contact us today to learn more. 


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