Construction and other field services companies rely on a strong workforce to complete projects. But managing those workforces can be a challenge. Construction companies must continually work hard to hire and retain good workers in the midst of labor shortages, increased competition and rising wages. ExakTime was developed to meet those challenges head-on and provide effective solutions.  

ExakTime’s time tracking software, including our mobile app and rugged time clocks, helps companies easily and accurately track worker hours, maintain compliance and streamline payroll.  

ExakTime Sales Executive Randy Hudson connects customers with ExakTime solutions to help them better run their businesses and manage their workforces. He has a wealth of knowledge about what’s happening in the industry and how companies are dealing with issues. He shared what he knows and answered three questions about what issues ExakTime customers are currently dealing with, how ExakTime can solve them and the new and exciting features coming in the future.  

What are the biggest pain points that you hear from customers? 

“ExakTime customers need solutions to give them insight about what employees are doing in the field and when. Many times, owners and managers are blind to what’s going on in the field because they could have five jobs running at any one time and can’t physically be there in every location.  

“There’s also the issue that owners need accurate information, and supervisors can’t always provide that. They’re often busy out in the field, and simply have no idea exactly how much time is spent on demolition versus electrical versus concrete. And hopefully it doesn’t happen much, but we do hear stories of supervisors who will look the other way when employees pad time. 

“Then there are issues about knowing when employees are actually clocking in and clocking out. Companies don’t mind paying people when they’re working; it’s when they’re not working but claiming they are that causes the biggest headache. Then there’s the issue of simple errors. I like to believe that employees are honest and just misremember when they started and finished work. 

“Customers consistently say they need a way to track when their workers are clocking in and out and what they’re actually doing on a particular job site.” 

How is ExakTime offering a solution? 

“One solution to the above issues is cost coding, which is huge because it gives employers a better breakdown of how time and money are being spent on each job. Employers can attach specific codes to locations and jobs, so when employees clock in, they choose which location they’re at and what job they’re doing, be it demo or electrical. It is like having eyes and ears in the field. 

“Then there’s the option of coupling cost coding with field notes. If something breaks or materials need to be ordered, whoever is on site can use the field notes features to take photos, do voice-to-text voice recordings or use text messages to document whatever is needed. Plus, it’s a permanent record. 

“But the number one solution I talk to our customers about is geofencing. Geofencing sets an invisible fence around a job site using GPS and can be used to ensure employees can only clock in or out from inside the geofence. It’s interesting because when customers join ExakTime, they find out their teams were clocking in from home, even though they say they’re on the job site at 7 a.m. Employers can see on the longitude latitude satellite view that the employee clocked in from home. Geofencing helps owners make sure workers are clocking in where they actually say they are.” 

What can ExakTime customers look forward to in the New Year? 

“One of the most exciting things our customers can look forward to this year is PTO tracking. This feature will allow companies to track their employees’ PTO in the field as easily as it tracks hours worked. And, employees can request PTO right from the app. 

“There is also a lot of excitement about our new customizable report suite that will come later this year.  

“These two enhanced features will make ExakTime’s solutions even more intuitive for our customers.”, 

If you’re interested in eliminating the uncertainty about what your workers are doing and when, call Randy or any of our other sales representatives at ExakTime and they can break down how much time, money and peace of mind you’ll save with digital time tracking. 



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