The need for time clocks for construction is nothing new. Construction and field service companies have been tracking worker time in one form or another since the industrial age. The employee time clock was actually invented in 1888, but it has come a long way since then. Many employers have ditched paper time cards for more efficient alternatives like rugged time clocks for construction and time clock apps.

But beware, not all time tracking technology is the same. Some time tracking softcloware can only be linked with a mobile time clock app. Many construction companies need an alternative to time tracker apps. They want a punch clock solution that doesn’t require employees to use their own devices. When choosing the best way for your employees to clock in and clock out, you want a time tracking solution that has you covered regardless of your needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Time Clock for Construction and a Time Tracking App?

A time clock for construction and a time tracking app perform the same function. They track when employees clock in and clock out of work. The difference is a time clock is a physical device that can be moved from location to location. A time tracking app must be downloaded onto a mobile device.

Time clocks for construction are rugged and are designed for harsh environments like extreme cold, heat, rain and snow. The clocks allow all employees to clock in at the same location with times being automatically uploaded every hour.

Time tracking apps work much the same way, in fact, some time clocks use the same software as the app. But time tracking apps are downloaded to your workers’ own devices. Many come with features like GPS tracking, photo ID capture and compliance sign-off.

There are times when employers might want to use both. They need a rugged time clock for construction and a time tracking app to monitor when and where employees are working. But before you purchase a time clock, make sure it has these four crucial traits: accuracy, durability, portability and scalability. ExakTime’s time clocks for construction can meet these four criteria every time.

4 Essential Qualities of Time Clocks


The biggest problem with paper time cards is that they’re prone to error. Paper time cards can get fudged, smudged and even lost. Construction companies need a time clock to maintain accurate time and attendance records by eliminating buddy punching, inflated payroll and data entry errors.

ExakTime’s wireless time clocks for construction collect accurate time and attendance records. Then the clocks automatically forward those records to our time clock software in your office every hour for verification. No more inaccurate time cards, no more data entry errors.


Construction can be punishing, both for workers and the equipment they use. Work crews deal with inclement weather, mud, dust and extreme temperatures. So it’s essential to have a time tracking system that can stand up to these challenges.

ExakTime’s rugged time clocks were built with the unique challenges facing the construction industry in mind. Their rugged, anti-shock ABS cases ensure they can withstand the worst the jobsite can throw at them.


The construction industry is mobile. Some companies work on multiple projects at once and crews change work sites frequently, often located a good distance from each other. Your construction time clock needs to be able to go with them.

ExakTime’s time clock for construction isn’t just durable. Its lightweight construction also makes it easy to take wherever it’s needed. The first wireless time clock of its kind, its 21-day rechargeable battery allows it to operate away from an external power source for long periods.


Every business’ goal is to grow. An effective time clock is one that can accommodate that growth without slowing it down.

ExakTime’s time clock for construction allows you to track an unlimited number of employees and cost codes. Never worry about your time and attendance system falling behind the pace of your business.

Employee time tracking should be easy, convenient, and most importantly, reliable. If you’re ready to see how a rugged time clock can improve your time tracking, contact us today to learn more!