Winter is just around the corner and with it comes less than ideal outdoor working conditions. Freezing temperatures, frigid winds, rain and snow can all damage delicate equipment used on the jobsite. Construction crews need a way to keep working – and tracking hours – outdoors when the weather is bad.  

Most time tracking solutions either use an app or a desktop program. And while this is ok for some industries, construction companies sometimes need a different solution due to extreme working conditions. Enter the portable time clock. Portable time clocks are made for industries that work in the field, like construction, contracting and others with heavy-duty jobsites.  


What is a Portable Time Clock? 

A portable time clock is a piece of equipment used on the jobsite that employees physically clock in and out on. Portable job clocks are wireless but durable, designed to work even during the most drastic temperature and weather shifts. These battery-powered devices securely keep track of the hours of every employee working. The time sheet data is stored in the clock until it is either automatically or manually uploaded to your payroll system. Portable time clocks give construction companies a simple, straightforward way to track every worker’s time on the job. 

Added Benefits of a Portable Time Clock 

Besides being able to stand up to harsh environments, time clocks skirt the issue of personal device use with your employees. Mobile phone use can be problematic on the jobsite. OSHA forbids mobile phone use relating to cranes and derricks and advises prohibiting use around any dangerous equipment. Plus, employees may be resistant to using their personal phones for work. Due to both of these circumstances, it’s understandable that some construction companies may choose to circumvent mobile phone use altogether. A portable time clock provides all the benefits of digital time tracking, without requiring employees to use their personal devices. That’s why ExakTime offers portable time clocks, made specially for the construction industry, alongside our mobile app. 

How ExakTime’s Portable Time Clock, JobClock® Hornet, Works 

ExakTime’s JobClock® Hornet is made to last. It is rugged, waterproof and operates in weather conditions from -23˚C (-10˚F) to 76˚C (170˚F). Mounted at a centralized location, like a pole, it allows every employee to independently clock in and out on the jobsite.  

Employees carry key tabs on their keyrings and touch them to the JobClock® Hornet to clock in and out. The JobClock® Hornet can store up to 20,000 time punches, even if the battery wears out. Time punches gathered while out of range are automatically sent when cellular service is restored. Admins can assign multiple-colored key fobs to represent different job codes and/or locations, giving companies the ability to track labor costs on jobs. 

The JobClock® Hornet sends time punches and cost code data to the cloud every hour, letting companies manage their workforce as the week progresses. Time punches from JobClock® Hornet appear in ExakTime Connect, which creates digital time cards plus instant and powerful labor management reports.  

The JobClock® Hornet: 

  • Provides accurate time tracking, saving time and money—no more time “rounding”, remembering schedules or filling out time cards 
  • Allows data to be shared with your payroll system in seconds 
  • Is available to all employees, regardless if they have a phone or not 
  • Travels from jobsite to jobsite 
  • Updates every hour 
  • Withstands harsh outdoor conditions 

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