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ExakTime’s ROI Infographic

When you pay your construction or field-based workforce an hourly wage, every minute counts. Put a stop to timecard mistakes and padding issues. 

Download the ExakTime ROI inforgraphic to learn how using a web-based tracking system instead of paper timecards saves on your time, resources, and bottom line.

Want to Learn More About Time Tracking?

Understanding job costs helps construction companies keep projects on budget and profits in the black. Read this blog to learn how using a time tracking solution like ExakTime helps companies manage labor costs and cut processing time.

Processing payroll is a multi-step process. And with so many steps in the process, it’s easy to make a mistake. Read this blog to learn how using a digital time tracking system can eliminate many of the mistakes that lead to fines and turnover and make the entire process more efficient.

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ExakTime’s easy-to-use web-based solution is a powerful choice for your company’s time tracking and workforce management needs. Accurately track remote workers’ hours, activities, and GPS location, reducing payroll costs from the first clock-in. ExakTime is the leader in field service and construction GPS time tracking and scheduling.

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