Comparing ExakTime versus ClockShark

A time tracking app is essential when workers spend most of their time in the field, instead of behind a desk. Time clock software lets your employees clock in and out from anywhere via the app. So once your employees arrive on the jobsite, they can immediately begin work, reducing downtime. Time tracker apps also reduce the need to supply punch cards, making payroll more accurate and efficient. 

Because time clock apps are so beneficial, it makes sense that the marketplace has become a little crowded with providers. But beware; not all time tracking software is created equal. Consider the company ClockShark which offers the field services industry its own time tracking solution. There are several similarities between ExakTime and ClockShark, but some important differences as well.

Similarities Between ExakTime and ClockShark

A time tracking solution is worthless unless it offers some basic features which both ExakTime and ClockShark offer.

Mobile Time Tracking

Mobile time tracking allows workers to clock in and out from a mobile device, eliminating the need for punch clocks or paper time cards. It allows employees to clock in and clock out on the go, whether they’re just starting their day, heading off to lunch or finishing up.

Mobile time tracking is far more accurate than tracking time by hand on paper. The app never fudges numbers or forgets actual clock in and clock out times. As long as there is at least one mobile device on site, workers can clock in individually or a foreman can clock in the crew as a group.


Scheduling is a feature that allows managers to assign shifts and tasks to workers and crews, sending alerts with time and location. Whether intentional or by accident, late clock-ins, no-shows and missed shifts are all more common than we’d hope they would be.

The scheduling feature is also convenient when jobs finish up unexpectedly or if an emergency pops up and you need all hands on deck.

With ExakTime Scheduling, you can schedule your workers’ shifts, send alerts, monitor their schedules and track their actual hours. Apply cost codes to the shifts so the planned task for the shift is clear.

You can also set recurring shifts for the same employee or crew or drag and drop to quickly add an employee to an existing shift.

Geofencing and Location Tracking (GPS)

Both ClockShark and ExakTime apps use geofencing and GPS to establish where an employee can clock in or out.

A geofence is simply a virtual “barrier” that’s set up to enforce certain restrictions or create certain opportunities. A geofence works like a regular fence by marking off areas. An employer might want to put a geofence around a worksite. Employees must clock in inside the fence, not from their vehicles or a coffee shop across the street. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site.

With GPS location tracking, you can follow where individual workers are as soon as they clock in. The Software creates a ‘bread-crumb’ that follows their movements. The tracking stops the moment the worker clocks out.


Reporting is a must-have feature of any time clock app because without it, you can’t track productivity or how much you’re spending on payroll.

Reporting is also necessary for compliance. Nearly every US employer with wage workers—and some with non-exempt salaried employees—must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, which is the Department of Labor law covering minimum wage, overtime and payroll records. With clear and complete records of time worked, you can ensure that you are complying with FLSA standards—and you have documentation at your fingertips in the case of a government audit.

Differences Between ClockShark and ExakTime

The above features are commonplace in time clock apps because without them, a time clock app wouldn’t be much good. But there are other features that set ExakTime apart from its competition, including ClockShark.

Standard Features

While both ClockShark and ExakTime offer geofencing and GPS location tracking, these features are standard in ExakTime. The same cannot be said for ClockShark. Geofencing and geotracking are not part of ClockShark’s basic version.

Rugged Time Clock

One essential difference with ExakTime is that it offers more than one way to track the time data that is loaded to our cloud-based software: two wireless and rugged time clocks that withstand all kinds weather and any dirt or grime your job site wants to throw at them.

Our wireless JobClock Hornet sends time punches to the cloud every hour, allowing the office to oversee remote crews in real time.

Better Security

Human nature dictates that buddy-punching will never go away completely, not even with today’s technology. That’s why ExakTime also provides you with photo ID verification for clock-ins on our time clock app, so you always know who actually clocked in—not just whose PIN was punched into the app.

Full Integration

While competitors like ClockShark may offer integrations to other software, like payroll and accounting programs, they aren’t as robust as ExakTime’s solution. For one thing, we integrate fully with a wide variety of major accounting programs like QuickBooks, Sage, Foundation and others and many smaller ones as well.

With ExakTime, you can match the fields from many popular payroll and accounting software into ours, so that everything is ready to go when you start ExakTime. Then you easily sync that data back to your payroll package—no more double data entry. There is no need to download a .cms or Excel file that you will then have to upload into your accounting software.

Field Notes

Another great feature of ExakTime’s time clock app is Field Notes. With ExakTime, your workers can use our Field Notes to send text, audio or voice updates straight from the job site. Field Notes appear in real-time on the dashboard of our cloud-based software, or can be checked anytime, keeping decision-makers and the whole team informed on important issues.

Why You Should Choose ExakTime

ExakTime understands the ins and out of time tracking. We pioneered time and attendance in the construction industry more than 20 years ago.

Our software is not only easy to use but its efficient. ExakTime’s time tracking solutions allow you to view data from our three collection options in our secure cloud-based software anytime, anywhere.

We also provide easy adoption for all team sizes no matter if you have two or 200 employees. You can confidently put time tracking in your workers’ hands.

Workers or crews can track themselves in seconds on our feature-rich app. Admins manage or edit the data in our user-friendly, cloud-based time tracking software.

You also don’t have to worry about outgrowing our software. The ExakTime solution scales to any company size for streamlined labor tracking across multiple crews and locations.

And don’t forget the added benefits you can enjoy with ExakTime’s actionable reporting project costs and simpler compliance.


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