Updating your time tracking process with ExakTime’s app or rugged time clock is a no-brainer. Time tracker apps help reduce time theft and downtime and are incredibly accurate. What’s more, digital time tracking is a payroll manager’s dream come true, which is why ExakTime time tracking for QuickBooks is one of our most popular integrations. 


ExakTime Time Tracking for QuickBooks Integration 

ExakTime’s time tracking software directly integrates with QuickBooks, allowing your team to quickly and seamlessly sync timesheet data with your payroll package. Automating this process saves money by eliminating wasted time and potential errors that can occur with manual payroll entry. 

How the Integration Works 

  • Employees clock in and out on the mobile time clock app or weatherproof rugged time clocks. ExakTime’s time tracking software tracks worker hours, GPS timestamps, jobs completed, activities and other important field updates.  
  • All this information is securely stored in the cloud, where it can be accessed by those with permission anytime and imported directly into QuickBooks with our account-bridging software. ExakTime integrates with QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise. 
  • Importing this information simply requires selecting a date range, a group of employees and hitting the export button. 

The connection is easy to set up. Just match your QuickBooks employees, service items, customers and jobs to the corresponding fields in ExakTime to transfer the data into our software. You can also export other important fields, like comments, vendors, classes and pay codes (regular time, overtime, vacation time, holidays, sick days and more). ExakTime can also support multiple QuickBooks company files.  

ExakTime also offers certified payroll reports, a requirement for federal contractors. Just mark a job site as a certified payroll location and you’ll be able to distinguish between prevailing wage jobs and normal labor rates. The data is synced with your QuickBooks program. 

ExakTime is Far Superior to QuickBooks Time 

And while QuickBooks has its own time tracking capabilities via QuickBooks Time, it can’t compare to ExakTime. While QuickBooks Time offers some basic features, ExakTime just does field-based time tracking better because it was designed specifically for the construction industry. ExakTime was built with field-worthy features that are simple to learn and intuitive to use. For example, the green (clock-in) and red (clock-out) layout, works so well that others have copied our innovation.  

Better GPS 

And while both have GPS tracking, ExakTime offers the ability to set up a geofence that gives employers a better ability to track when and where their employees are working. A geofence works like a virtual fence by marking off areas. Employees must clock in inside the fence, not from their vehicles or a coffee shop across the street. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site. ExakTime’s software not only has GPS location tracking, where you can see where individual workers clock in, but the software creates a ‘breadcrumb’ that follows their movements when they’re on the job. The tracking stops the moment the worker clocks out.   

Better Value 

QuickBooks Time offers two pricing options: Premium which costs $20 per month for one user and $8 per month for every additional user and Elite, which costs $40 per month plus $10 per additional user. ExakTime’s time clock solution is not only comparable to QuickBook’s Premium package, at $30 per month plus $8 per user, but it’s less than the Elite version and includes many of the features that Elite users must shell out extra for – like geofencing and GPS breadcrumbs. 

ExakTime Offers More 

Quickbooks isn’t the only payroll solution we integrate with. ExakTime works seamlessly= with many other payroll packages, including Acumatica, ConstructionPayroll.com, Foundation, Sage and Viewpoint. ExakTime’s ability to seamlessly integrate between our web-based time tracking system and your payroll package makes it a better choice.  

Simplify your payroll process and ensure paychecks are accurate and on time every week by pairing ExakTime with QuickBooks. Contact us today. 


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