Time tracking apps are an essential tool for an accurate payroll process. Their efficiency lies in their ability to integrate with your accounting and workforce management software. A great time clock app will be able to integrate with the top payroll solutions for automatic payroll syncing.


ExakTime’s time clock app integrates with more than 40 other solutions. With our AccountLinx software, you can import and export payroll data to and from several other programs.

ExakTime supports the construction and associated industries’ top choices in accounting software to make calculating payroll hours a piece of cake, including these five top integrations.


The Sage 100 Contractor and 300 CRE platforms are powerful business strategic planning tools. Through automation, these tools are perfect for organizations who need to track, organize and protect the data that will help them continue to grow. ExakTime has a partnership with Sage that allows for an automated data feed with the Sage 100 Contractor and 300 CRE platforms. This integration allows for the import of time tracking data originating in the ExakTime application to flow into the Sage 100 and 300 applications. This integration eliminates the need to duplicate time tracking payroll data.


More than 7 million businesses use QuickBooks for all their accounting processes. ExakTime’s time tracking software integrates with QuickBooks directly, so you can quickly and seamlessly sync your timesheet data with your payroll package. Your employees simply clock in and out on our mobile time clock app or weatherproof rugged time clocks. Then you can keep track of their hours, activities, and other important field updates with our time tracking software. All this information is securely stored in the cloud, where it can be accessed by those with permission anytime and imported directly into QuickBooks with our account-bridging software. This integration eliminates errors from manually entering time tracking data.

Foundation Software

Foundation Software is accounting software built specifically for the construction industry. ExakTime’s AccountLinx Plus seamlessly sends time records from ExakTime Connect to Foundation in seconds. AccountLinx for Foundation is easy to set up and use. Start by matching your Foundation employees, cost codes and job sites to the corresponding fields in ExakTime Connect to transfer the data into our software. You can also export other important fields, like pay codes (regular time, overtime, overtime2). Sending your records is as simple as selecting a date range and group of employees in AccountLinx Plus and hitting the export button. The Foundation Software integration can save hours processing payroll, allowing your team to focus on other important tasks—like estimates, compliance and profitability.


ADP is an affordable solution designed for small- to mid-sized businesses to process payroll. Small businesses have enough to worry about, like managing thin margins, so good data is essential. ExakTime’s cloud-based software easily integrates with ADP, streamlining payroll workflows, allowing small construction companies to spend more time focusing on maximizing the other data, like supply costs and project timelines. In just a few simple clicks, you can transfer your time records from our system to yours. No more fudged data. No more manual data entry.

Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Software helps construction companies manage processes, projects and people, like accounting and operations. ExakTime’s AccountLinx Plus seamlessly send time records from ExakTime Connect to Viewpoint in seconds. You can match employees, service items, customers and jobs to the corresponding field in ExakTime to transfer the data into your Viewpoint software. You can also export other important fields, like comments, vendors, classes and pay codes (regular time, overtime, vacation time, holidays, sick days and more). To send your records, select a date range and group of employees in AccountLinx Plus and hit the export button. Your time tracking records will always be accurate with this integration.

ExakTime’s ability to seamlessly integrate between our web-based workforce management system and your payroll package is one of the reasons it’s the number one time tracking solution for the industry. ExakTime automates the information transfer and system setup, shares time tracking data with your payroll application, exports attendance records in seconds, and ensures paychecks are accurate and on time every week.