Mobile workforce management refers to the application of technology and software solutions to optimize and streamline various aspects of managing a mobile workforce in the construction industry. It involves the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, along with specialized applications to track and manage construction workers’ time, schedules and tasks. ExakTime offers a user-friendly mobile app and time tracking tools to provide fast, efficient and accurate data, including employee hours, locations, clock-in and clock-out and more.


Overview of Mobile Workforce Management

The role of mobile technology in managing businesses in all industries has grown exponentially over the years. One area that has embraced the conversion to digital is human resource management, with the development of the cloud and payroll software.

With HR scheduling becoming increasingly complex, mobile workforce management tools have become exceedingly popular. This software and related services allow construction companies to manage and communicate with their workforce in the field, effectively upgrading the traditional field service model.

Definition and Key Elements

Mobile workforce management is a category of software and related services that manage employees working outside the company’s premises. Implementing mobile workforce management into your business strategy leads to stronger communication, increased productivity and lower costs.

Key elements include communication tools, digital time tracking, GPS location services and scheduling. This comprehensive mobile workplace management system ensures successful collaboration far beyond a single physical location.

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Importance in Today’s Construction Environment

In an industry like construction, where the workforce is distributed across multiple sites, efficient workforce management is crucial. A mobile team requires mobile-friendly tools to manage tasks and projects, track work hours and facilitate real-time communication. Features such as GPS tracking help construction and service companies ensure their teams are at the right location at the right time. This is where the role of mobile workforce management becomes significant.

Features and Functionalities

The features of mobile workforce management software vary, but common functionalities include time-tracking and scheduling. The software enables businesses to manage resources effectively.


Scheduling is a key feature in workforce management software. It allows businesses to plan, manage and track employee tasks and assignments in real-time. The software can also optimize rosters, ensuring the right number of adequately skilled employees are on duty.

Mobile Time Tracking and Reporting

The ability to track time on mobile devices makes it easy for field workers to record their work hours and breaks. In addition, mobile workforce management software also offers report creation capabilities, making it easy to analyze and understand workforce trends and costs.

Communication and Collaboration

As with any productive team, communication and collaboration are key. Mobile workforce management software offers tools for seamless communication between team members, regardless of their physical location. Users can exchange updates and inform others of any changes in real time.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking features pinpoint each worker’s location to ensure they are at the correct place and are clocking in from the site.

Mobile workforce management software is a crucial tool for businesses seeking to boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve accuracy.

ExakTime’s Time Tracking and GPS Services

The advent of mobile technology has had a profoundly positive impact on mobile workforce management. One solution particularly deserving of recognition is ExakTime’s time tracking and GPS services. These ground-breaking mobile field service management services use cloud technology to effectively manage employee time tracking and location.

Who’s Clocked In? Real Photo ID Capture

Keeping track of which of your workers are on the clock can be a demanding task. ExakTime’s services provide an efficient solution to this by offering real-time tracking via a photo ID capture program.


ExakTime’s scheduler helps reduce labor costs by optimizing staff schedules based on actual data, ensuring that the right number of employees are assigned to the necessary tasks and avoiding unnecessary overtime expenses. It minimizes the risk of errors and fraud through accurate time tracking, preventing time theft and incorrect payroll calculations.

Finally, it improves efficiency by streamlining the scheduling process, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets or paper-based systems. This saves time for managers and allows them to focus on more important tasks, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. Additionally, it reduces the risk of human error, ensuring workers get paid accurately and on time. Overall, ExakTime’s scheduler provides construction companies with a cost-effective solution for managing their workforce and improving their bottom line.

Field Communication

The importance of unimpeded, two-way communication between team managers and field staff cannot be stressed enough. At ExakTime, we recognize this and offer a platform that facilitates effective communication with crews in the field. Our mobile app enables seamless communication between the field and the office, providing real-time updates on project progress, materials needed and any issues or delays that may arise. This streamlines communication processes, reduces miscommunication and allows for quick decision-making, ultimately improving overall project efficiency and productivity for construction companies.

Time off Management

Like any industry, construction workers need time to rest to maintain their productivity. ExakTime’s mobile workforce management services include tracking of employee leave, ensuring the smooth running of operations even during such periods. Our mobile app provides a comprehensive view of employee schedules, allowing supervisors to easily track time off requests and plan for project needs accordingly. This streamlined approach saves time and minimizes errors, ultimately improving employee motivation and project management for construction companies.

Meal Break Tracking

ExakTime’s mobile tracking app simplifies the process of ensuring required meal breaks in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Nearly half of US states have regulations in place regarding meal breaks for employees. To help businesses adhere to these requirements and ensure workers get their breaks, ExakTime offers comprehensive time tracking capabilities.

Our app allows employers to easily account for meals and breaks. Employees can use the app to clock in and out, and the system automatically tracks and documents their working hours, including any meal breaks taken. This helps businesses avoid potential penalties and ensures that employees receive the appropriate amount of time for their breaks, enhancing overall compliance and efficiency.

Time Card Editing and Approval

Clear and precise time-tracking is paramount for construction companies. ExakTime’s mobile app significantly enhances reporting accuracy and efficiency through its time card editing and approval features.

With our app, employees can easily edit and make necessary adjustments to their time cards directly from their mobile devices. They can correct any errors or omissions, ensuring that their recorded hours are accurate and reflective of their actual work. Supervisors and managers can then review and approve these time card edits promptly, eliminating delays and ensuring timely payroll processing. This fosters trust within the workforce management structure and maintains compliance with labor laws. This seamless and streamlined process also enhances accuracy and saves valuable time for both employees and management, improving overall efficiency in the reporting and approval process.

Injury Signoff

At the end of each shift, employees can be prompted to record their injury status confirming they were not hurt on the job that day.

In the unfortunate event of a workplace injury, ExakTime’s mobile app allows workers to report injuries through a simple mobile form. With this app, employees can easily record any workplace injuries or accidents directly on their mobile devices, providing immediate and accurate documentation. The app allows users to capture photos, add detailed descriptions and even include signatures, ensuring thorough and reliable injury reports. This not only speeds up the signoff process but also reduces the risk of errors or miscommunication.

By leveraging the ExakTime mobile app, businesses can effectively manage injury signoffs, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for all employees.

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