The construction industry is a complex sector that requires optimized efficiencies in time and cost management and project workflow. In achieving these efficiencies, technology has an instrumental role to play.

ExakTime’s cloud-based time clock solution has helped move the industry forward, as evidenced not only by facts and figures but by feedback from our loyal customers.

ExakTime’s Role in the Construction Industry

The unique challenges of construction from managing labor costs to maintaining compliance — have pushed companies to seek innovations in their processes. ExakTime provides highly effective software and solutions tailored specifically for the construction industry. ExakTime not only digitizes time tracking but also offers robust features to better manage labor costs, improve workforce productivity and help ensure seamless project management.

Brief Overview of ExakTime

ExakTime is the leading cloud-based time-tracking solution specifically designed for the construction industry. We offer an array of features like GPS tracking, real-time updates, digital time cards, photo ID capture, and job cost tracking. Our multi-feature application is synced to the cloud and accessible from any mobile device.

One particularly effective part of our digital time tracking solutions is the ability to provide real-time insights, allowing management teams to make informed decisions on labor costs and workforce allocation. This capability is backed by numerous customer testimonials and case studies underlining their improvements in productivity, payroll processing and workforce management.

Why the Construction Industry Needs ExakTime

Construction and field service companies are constantly under pressure to deliver projects on time while maintaining compliance with safety and quality standards. Without a game-changing solution like ExakTime, this can be a challenge.

ExakTime simplifies time tracking by replacing traditional paper time cards with a digital system that can be easily shared between employees and employers. This has a huge impact on productivity by minimizing mistakes made by manual entry and discrepancies that may lead to disputes. Our technology is designed to be easy to use. This makes it simple and quick to integrate into your processes.

ExakTime also features extensive reporting tools that generate precise job costing. Customer feedback on G2 and other verified review platforms provides evidence that these features reduce unnecessary costs, improve project management and boost the bottom line.

ExakTime Case Study Testimonials: Evidence of Success

ExakTime has served as a highly effective time-tracking solution for construction businesses of all sizes. But don’t just take our word for it. Case study testimonials from happy customers provide firsthand insight into the value and productivity gained by our time clock app and tracking solutions.

From the reviews we proudly display on our website to online reviews from our customer base, there are plenty of customer testimonials from satisfied clients. Moreover, our testimonial page features case studies that demonstrate how our tools and services have driven real improvements in efficiency for clients like SunEnergy1 and Roberts Glass.

Client Testimonials from Small and Mid-Size Construction Firms

Small and mid-sized construction companies form a significant portion of our customer base and have greatly benefited from using ExakTime time tracking solutions. Their testimonials speak volumes about how the app has streamlined operations, saved costs and improved productivity, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

For example, Mike B. at mid-size company Tri-Power Systems said, “Payroll time saver! It is extremely easy to set employees and locations up on ExakTime. We obtain very accurate weekly timesheets for all the employees, as we know exactly when they have arrived within the geo fence and logged in/out.”

More examples can be found on our case study and testimonials pages, full of customer interviews, customer quotes and customer story-based case studies, highlighting real experiences with ExakTime.

Testimonials by Large-Scale Construction Companies

ExakTime helps large-scale construction companies solve common issues that arise when they need to manage hundreds of employees spread out across dozens of job sites. Beyond increased accountability and accuracy in reporting, we can help save on payroll and improve productivity.

General Manager Mike Patton at Pilot Painting stated, “I was expecting to see a small profit improvement on our jobs, and it was much better than what I expected — it far exceeded all my expectations.” ExakTime helps larger companies like Pilot Painting keep track of mobile workforces, increase job profitability, maintain compliance and complete payroll quickly and accurately.

Case Studies Demonstrating ExakTime’s Effectiveness

Beyond testimonials, case studies point toExakTime’s effectiveness. They not only dive deep into the problem-solution-outcome aspects but also show ExakTime in action.

Mike Cooper, president of interior finish company Cooper Drywall and Painting shared in a video testimonial, “Payroll is just another little step — it’s not a weekly ordeal. What used to take us 2.5 days to enter and input and do now can be done in 2.5 hours.” With our automation services, what was once a tedious and time-consuming process can now be done faster and more accurately than ever.

Analysis of Positive Reviews: Why ExakTime Succeeds in the Construction Industry

Over the years, ExakTime has succeeded in helping thousands of construction companies improve their processes. This has led to positive reviews, case studies and testimonials. These can be attributed to the cost and time efficiency, workflow and project management and compliance services that our time tracking tools and solutions offer our customer base.

Cost and Time Efficiency Testimonials

The cost and time effectiveness of ExakTime’s systems appears as a common theme in many customer reviews. For example, a happy customer shared on Google reviews: “This app is easy to use. It has saved me a lot of money right from the start. Payroll is a breeze now. The whole system is amazing.” These testimonials serve as powerful evidence of the product’s capabilities.

Testimonials on Workflow and Workforce Management

Another common aspect discussed in ExakTime customer testimonials is the significant improvement in workflow and workforce management. An example on our Testimonials page from Thomas Perno, owner of Long Island Concrete, reads, “ExakTime saves my foremen valuable time, and we also save on payroll. It’s a great workforce management tool.”

Let ExakTime Help You Save Time and Money

As our customer reviews, testimonial pages and case studies show, ExakTime has proven to be a highly effective and valuable tool for construction, field service and contracting companies of all sizes. We have a variety of examples of real success stories and your business could be one of them.

ExakTime’s solutions offer convenient and user-friendly methods of time tracking, including our GPS time tracking app, rugged time clocks, payroll sync, and photo ID capture. Our tools allow you to track employee time cards in real time right on your mobile device, which helps reduce costly errors and inaccuracies associated with manual timekeeping methods.

Additionally, ExakTime’s solutions can integrate with existing payroll and accounting systems, streamlining processes and saving valuable time for administrators. By utilizing ExakTime’s innovative solutions, businesses can improve efficiency, increase productivity and ensure accurate and reliable time tracking for their employees.

Free up time spent on manual data entry, payroll processing, and chasing down employees for their timecards with ExakTime remote tracking solutions. Contact us to get started.

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