Accurate time tracking is crucial for construction companies and field service teams. It ensures proper payroll, improved job costing, and compliance with regulations. With more options available, choosing the right time-tracking software can be tricky. In this article, we’ll compare two popular solutions — ExakTime and BuilderTrend — to help you determine the best fit.

Introduction to Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software allows teams to track employee hours worked on projects. It replaces manual processes like paper timesheets with automated clock in/out, GPS tracking, and reporting.

Key benefits for construction businesses include accurate payroll so workers are paid properly for time on duty, verifying job site attendance using GPS to confirm worker location, streamlining certification and compliance with prevailing wage laws, improving job costing by tracking hours at the project/task level for better cost analysis, and increasing oversight with manager tools to oversee multiple crews and sites.

The Importance of Time Tracking for Construction

Construction companies often have a highly mobile workforce across multiple sites. Keeping accurate tabs on hours worked, breaks taken, and ensuring employees are present is challenging with paper-based records.

Some key pain points solved by automating time tracking are no more chasing down missing paper timesheets, confirming attendance without site visits, reducing payroll errors that lead to decreased morale, avoiding compliance issues and lawsuits through detailed data, and closer tracking of per-project costs based on precise hour tracking.

A purpose-built time tracking system designed for field service/construction provides the oversight needed while saving administrative time.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime is a leading automated time-tracking solution purpose-built for construction and field service teams. Going beyond basic time clocks, ExakTime provides specialized tools to address industry-specific challenges.

Features include an easy-to-use instant access mobile app for clocking in/out with integrated photo ID capture to verify employees. Location tracking via GPS and geofencing confirms workers are on the proper site. Robust reporting provides insights into hours worked, payroll details, prevailing wage, job costing, and more.

Integration with many payroll providers streamlines getting accurate paychecks to employees. Manager oversight abilities like custom notifications and digital timesheet signing provide enhanced administration and budget tracking.

ExakTime’s award-winning US-based customer support team offers individualized setup, training, and ongoing support. With over two decades solely focused on construction time tracking, ExakTime serves thousands of businesses looking to improve compliance, gain visibility into field teams, streamline budget tracking, and boost payroll accuracy.

The combination of tailored features and exceptional support make ExakTime a trusted choice for automated time tracking.

BuilderTrend Review

BuilderTrend is a popular construction management software that offers modules for project management, CRM, accounting, and time tracking.

The time tracking features include online timesheets accessible from any device, GPS mobile clock in/out, reporting on overtime, billable hours, and more, integration with accounting and payroll software, and a dashboard for monitoring employee time.

While BuilderTrend has time-tracking capabilities, construction is just one of many industries it serves. ExakTime focuses solely on meeting the needs of construction and field service teams. Several BuilderTrend reviews have highlighted the general-purpose nature of the platform.

Key Differences

Now let’s explore some important differences between ExakTime and BuilderTrend.

Industry Focus

ExakTime’s features are tailored specifically to address construction industry challenges like certified payroll, equipment tracking, budget tracking, and prevailing wage. Its tight payroll integrations understand construction pay rules. BuilderTrend serves a broader customer base with more generalized features. Many BuilderTrend reviews point out that it lacks specialization.


ExakTime prioritizes “industrial-grade” tools needed on the job site, like manager overrides abilities, automated break deductions, and required digital signatures on timesheets. BuilderTrend has a wider breadth of features like marketing tools and proposal tools but lacks some of the specialization beneficial for field teams.

In terms of access, ExakTime offers instant access control and permissions for different roles. BuilderTrend enables access management, but some BuilderTrend reviews note limitations in instant access compared to other platforms.

Customer Support

For customer support, ExakTime has an award-winning US-based customer support team focused solely on construction needs. They provide specialized training and implementation for each customer. BuilderTrend offers standard online and phone support. Support is a common theme in many BuilderTrend reviews.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution

Making the best decision on construction-focused time-tracking software requires a holistic approach to evaluating key aspects that address your needs. Rather than a simple feature checklist, it’s crucial to consider the complete solution picture.

Examine how seamlessly it integrates with your existing systems. Review if purpose-built industry capabilities solve your specific challenges. Determine if the solution is priced fairly based on the concrete business value it provides. Validate that knowledgeable support will be available to guide you pre- and post-launch.

Solutions like ExakTime shine when assessed across the full spectrum of integration, tailored functionality, usability, budget suitability, and strength of customer support. The ideal choice delivers robust construction-focused tools, integrates tightly with your tech stack, gets adopted readily by staff, and is backed by expertise — all at a fair cost. This comprehensive analysis ensures you select optimized time tracking for your workstreams.

Why ExakTime?

For construction and field service teams, ExakTime stands out as a premier choice for automated time tracking. ExakTime goes beyond basic clock in/out with specialized tools like manager override of timesheets, integrated prevailing wage tracking, advanced geofencing, and more.

These industry-specific capabilities tackle unique challenges faced by construction and field service businesses. Pair the tailored features with ExakTime’s award-winning US-based customer support, including individualized setup and training, and ExakTime delivers significant value to its customers.

By combining robust functionality purpose-built for the needs of construction with exceptional customer service, ExakTime provides a complete time-tracking solution. Learn more and view a demo at

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExakTime offer GPS tracking?

Yes, ExakTime has GPS tracking features, including clock in/out timestamps, GPS breadcrumbs to visualize paths taken, and a map showing who is currently clocked in. This provides visibility into field teams.

What Integrations Does ExakTime Offer?

ExakTime integrates with multiple payroll providers, including ADP, Quickbooks, Foundation, and more. It also connects with leading accounting software. 

Can You Track Prevailing Wage With ExakTime?

Absolutely. ExakTime has specialized prevailing wage tracking and certified payroll reporting built-in. This simplifies meeting legal requirements.

Does ExakTime Have Manager Override Abilities?

Managers have to override abilities to adjust timesheets when needed before syncing to payroll. Audit logs maintain compliance when edits are made.

Can You Use ExakTime Without Internet Connectivity?

The mobile app can work offline and will sync all data when connectivity is restored. This is essential for unreliable job site connectivity.

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