Time-tracking software has become an invaluable tool for construction companies looking to boost productivity and payroll accuracy. With traditional paper timecards prone to errors and spreadsheets proving cumbersome, an automated digital solution is key. But with many options on the market, it’s important to select time-tracking software designed specifically to meet the needs of construction and field service.

Introduction to Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software digitally automates recording and managing employee work hours. Mobile and web apps enable easy clock in/out instead of paper timesheets or spreadsheet tracking.

Advanced platforms use GPS, geo-fencing, and photo verification to minimize payroll errors and time theft. Robust reporting provides oversight into hours worked, scheduling, compliance, and more.

Integration with payroll systems allows accurate compensation. Tailored digital solutions bring enhanced oversight and reduced admin work for mobile workforces like construction crews.

The Importance of Time Tracking Software for Construction

For construction firms managing multiple job sites, effectively tracking employee time is crucial yet challenging. Paper timesheets can easily be damaged, lost, or filled out inconsistently on busy sites. Attempting to compile this data into spreadsheets for payroll is extremely time-consuming.

This often leads to payroll errors, overpayment of labor, and inability to collect accurate job costing data. Missing or inaccurate logs also increase compliance risks with prevailing wage, certified payroll, and other regulations.

Purpose-built time-tracking software solves these issues through robust mobile apps, geo-fencing, and photo identification to confirm employee location. Automated data compilation reduces manual work. Integrations with payroll systems improve accuracy. Custom reports provide oversight into budgets, costs, and compliance needs.

In summary, construction-focused time tracking brings greater control and insight into managing field teams across multiple dispersed job sites. The right digital solution saves money while reducing administrative burdens.

ExakTime Review

ExakTime provides industry-leading web and mobile time tracking designed for construction and field service firms. The software meets the unique needs of businesses managing dispersed workforces across multiple job sites.

A key feature is ExakTime’s time clock app enabling easy mobile clock in/out for field teams. Photo ID capture, GPS tracking, and customizable geofencing confirm that the proper employees are starting and ending shifts in the right places.

Real-time dashboards give managers visibility into crew status and location. Detailed data on overtime, billable hours, and cost codes simplify payroll, job costing, scheduling, and compliance reporting.

Robust integrations with multiple payroll platforms reduce manual work and prevent overpayment errors. Implementation specialists ensure smooth onboarding.

With expertise in construction time tracking challenges, ExakTime provides oversight of field teams while empowering them with an intuitive app. This drives improved productivity, cost control, and compliance across dispersed job sites.

GoCanvas Review

GoCanvas offers a field service management platform with capabilities for work orders, scheduling, routing, document management, and basic time tracking. The software aims to serve a variety of industries, not just construction firms.

The time tracking component allows field staff to clock in/out, attach geo-tags, add notes, and submit timesheets for approval. Managers can run reports on hours worked and job costing. However, GoCanvas has a lighter focus on specialized time-tracking features compared to dedicated solutions like ExakTime.

GoCanvas provides general time tracking capability but lacks the depth of construction-specific features and integrations that ExakTime delivers.

Key Differences

While both ExakTime and GoCanvas offer time tracking, there are some notable differences:

Industry Focus

ExakTime is built solely for construction and field service, while GoCanvas serves broader industries. ExakTime has tailored its time app, reporting, and support specifically to meet the needs of construction firms.


ExakTime provides robust features for managing construction crews, like prevailing wage tracking, customizable alerts, equipment logging, and scheduling. GoCanvas has a lighter feature set when it comes to time tracking.

Customer Support

ExakTime has an award-winning customer support team focused solely on construction time tracking. GoCanvas supports multiple product lines across varied customers.

Compliance Capabilities

ExakTime provides certified payroll reports and simplifies compliance with complex labor laws. GoCanvas has baseline reporting but may lack construction-grade compliance features.

Data and Integration

With connections to multiple payroll platforms, ExakTime seamlessly shares labor data with payroll and accounting systems construction companies use. GoCanvas integrations may be less tailored to construction tools.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution

Selecting the optimal time-tracking software for construction involves evaluating several key factors. Prioritize solutions with robust mobile apps, geo-fencing, and GPS tracking to validate that field teams are clocking in and out from the proper job sites. Look for rich functionality and reporting tailored specifically to construction needs like prevailing wage tracking, custom alerts, equipment logging, schedule management, and more.

Ensure the solution seamlessly integrates with your current construction management and payroll software for efficient data sharing. Assess the provider’s industry expertise, training, implementation support, and ongoing customer support. For construction firms, the best choice is a solution purpose-built for the unique time-tracking challenges faced when managing multi-site projects and dispersed crews.

Why ExakTime?

With deep expertise built specifically for construction and field service, ExakTime stands out as a robust time-tracking solution. ExakTime’s industry-leading mobile app, rich integrations, award-winning customer support, and focus on compliance make it the superior choice for construction firms.

Companies that need advanced oversight of multi-site projects and field teams will benefit greatly from ExakTime’s specialized capabilities. The software brings transparency to employee location and activities while reducing manual work for managers.

For any business seeking to optimize labor utilization, job costing, payroll accuracy, and compliance across dispersed job sites, ExakTime delivers the tailored functionality and customer support required to drive productivity and bottom-line profits. Learn more and view a demo at ExakTime.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExakTime offer GPS tracking?

Yes, ExakTime uses GPS tracking and geofencing to confirm employees are clocking in from the correct job site. Supervisors can view maps showing employee locations.

What payroll systems does ExakTime integrate with?

ExakTime offers pre-built integrations with multiple payroll systems, including ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, and more. This automates data transfer for timely, accurate payroll.

How does ExakTime simplify compliance?

Robust reporting on certified payroll, prevailing wage, overtime, and more streamlines compliance. Features like equipment tracking also improve compliance documentation.

Does ExakTime offer scheduling capabilities?

Yes, ExakTime provides customizable shift scheduling and location assignments to easily manage crews across job sites. Alerts keep everyone aligned.

Does ExakTime offer onboarding support?

ExakTime provides dedicated onboarding, top-rated customer support, and ongoing training tailored to construction needs. Their customer support team guides you for smooth implementation.

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