Construction is an industry that’s on the go. It depends on a mobile workforce to complete jobs on time and on budget. Tools that help manage workers, without slowing down progress, are a necessity. Mobile time tracking solutions give construction companies the ability to track both worker time and location, simplifying the payroll process and helping to maintain compliance. But not all time tracking software is created equal or even created for the construction industry and its particular challenges. ExakTime was developed specifically for the construction industry and its features. Although other solutions may mimic ExakTime’s features, our functionality is more robust.  


For example, ExakTime and some other solutions offer similar features, like geofencing, timecard approvals and facial recognition. But ExakTime either does a much better job with these features or offers them at a much better value.  

Precise Geofencing Capabilities 

Geofencing is tied to a digital time tracking solution’s GPS capabilities. GPS allows companies to track where their workers clock in or out. A geofence sets up a virtual “barrier” that can enforce certain restrictions or create certain opportunities. Employers can set a geofence around a specific location, like a jobsite, and employees can only clock in or out from inside the perimeter. When employees clock in or out, their timestamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site. 

Here’s the problem with this feature if you’re using another solution: every time an employee skirts the edge of the geofence, the supervisor gets an alert, even if the employee is within the perimeter. While one alert might not seem like a big deal, 10 to 15 can get annoying or even dangerous if the site supervisor is working on heavy machinery. ExakTime’s geofencing capability is much more precise. The software only alerts supervisors when an employee is actually outside the fence.  

Fast Timecard Approvals 

Digital time tracking is supposed to make payroll processing easier. But if approving timecards takes an extra step, it doesn’t streamline the process. ExakTime makes it easy to collect and approve the timecards of multiple employees on multiple shifts. With payroll sync, ExakTime integrates with payroll software, like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 100 Contractor and Master Builder, Sage Business Vision and other partners. Exporting attendance records takes seconds, not minutes like it does with othe solutions. Even if timecard approvals only take five minutes, that five minutes can quickly add up. 

Facial Recognition on all Devices 

Biometric time clocks that use physical features to identify employees are quickly becoming the standard for efficient and accurate construction employee time tracking. Facial recognition takes a photo of employees’ faces when they clock in, confirming their identity. In a field where dirty or gloved hands make it difficult to use a fingerprint scan, photo recognition is a far superior option. ExakTime and othe solutions offer facial recognition but others only offer it in kiosk mode, making employees line up to use the same device. ExakTime offers this feature on all devices, so employees simply have to pull out their own phone to clock in or out.  

No Phone, No Problem 

ExakTime understands not every construction company wants its employees to use a personal device. Our rugged timeclocks are unique to the industry. Rugged time clocks provide the accuracy and reliability of an app but from one centralized location. The clocks are built to withstand the elements, including extreme temperatures. Supervisors get the same benefit of being able to access clock in and clock out data from the cloud in real time. Plus, ExakTime’s mobile app and rugged time clocks work together so you can collect timecard data from every worker on every job site. 

Don’t be swayed by ExakTime competitors that might offer a better “deal” or the same features. Other solutions can’t match the efficiency and reliability that ExakTime offers those in construction and field services because they’re not developed specifically for those industries. Plus, we’re rolling out new features and integrations within the construction ecosystem all the time.  

Contact ExakTime with any questions or concerns about our digital time tracking solutions, no matter if you’re a new or existing customer. We’re here to help. 



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